May 2011

Dear Paul, I love your books! I have read the whole 'WIERDEST STORIES' book five times! I mentioned your website in a school project of mine, my Autobiography, and I recommended to my friends to read your books! You are my favourite author so keep it up! I hope you have a great day, Sabrina PS. *Your number #1 fan!!!*

Hi Paul i have read alot of your books in the past but my favourite one was the cabbage patch fib. I hope you write some more books like it. i might write to you again. DEMI

Dear Mr Jennings I LOVE Your Books. My Favourite Ones Are The UN'S Books And The Gizmo Books. The First Paul Jennings Book I Read Was In Grade 3. It Was Unbelievable And I Got Into Them After That. I Want To Tell You To NEVER STOP Making This Wonderful Books. They Are Good For All Ages And Fun To Read. Also You Need To Make A TV Show That Would BE COOL :) Yours Sincerly Riley :D
Hi my name is Hannah and I am 9 years old, Hi I love your books I have read quite a lot of them I get them out from our libarey and our school teacher reads them to us and I quite injoy them! My favourite book is Unbearable and my favourite story in the book is Licked it is very funny. My friends and family all injoy your books. I love to write in my free time and love doing writing at school I love doing funny weaird storys but also very descriptive writing thank you bye!

March 2011

Hi there Paul and Fiona, Dyllan loved his special signed Rascal book sooo much, we had told him he was the only one to get this book in Australia first!  We didn't even make it inside from the letterbox, we sat on the lawn while he looked through first and then I was allowed to read it to him!  Dyllan loved being dressed up as rascal so much, what his mum had made for him, he ran in it all the way to school in it, he wore it very proudly - especially as he was the only Rascal in the book parade and the teachers loved it too!  Thankyou to you both so very much.  Kind regards Dyllan and Alexandra.

To Paul, I love all your books especially the gizmo books. They are really awesome. I think you are really good at writing books. I hope you write heaps more books. Our whole class likes your books. They're so funny and cool. Thankyou for reading my letter. FROM DANIEL

Hi Paul, I really like your books because they are really interesting. I like the book called Rascal`s Trick because he gets the big, fat cat away from his tea. from Dylan B

hi Paul, I love your books they are really funny and interesting.I would love to be able to write books myself when i am older.I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to come up with some great stories.I know you are busy but i would love to hear from you. thanks, billy age,9
Hi paul my name is Seamus (Sha-mus not sea-mus) (People at school call me Shum or Shummus because i like hommus). I have read almost every single one of your stupid crazy books ( That i love) and think they are amazing and funny. I am 12 years old i live in the country in East Gippsland.  I love wrighting funny sotries just like you and wrote a story called The Thing (That has peen published and put into a book with a heap of other kids stories) that was inspired by your books The Gizmo. Your #1 fan Seamus
Hi Paul Jennings, I'm reading your book Unreal in class. So far we have read Without a Shirt and Skeleton on the Dunny. My teacher said she should have read the book first because when we read without a shirt she kept laughing at it. So far we've had to do 6 activities on them and I'm really enjoying it. My favourite one was a comic strip on Skeleton on the Dunny. Are you writing anymore books at the moment and what inspired you to write? Gabi :)
hello i am madeline tilley i come from W** i have read alot of paul jennings book and know alot about him it will be great if you could email me love from maddy p.s Age: 9
Hi Paul.  My name is Jadelyn and I love reading your books! You are so enthusiastic and you make me want to write heaps of books!  From your fan Jadelyn!

Make more singenpoo books please i like those books.  From Jayden

February 2011

HI My name is Bradley and im from New Zealand, I enjoy your your books and i am doing my book report on you for my homework. On the subject on home work did you like home work mabye you could write a funny storie of how you got out of home work. My fav book is unmentionable! and my fav storie is Sloppy Jalopy. Im writing a book about a boy that gets lost in a froest and cant remember anything I have called it The Big Tramp From Bradley Age 11 NZ Thats me singing off

Hi Paul, I love all your books and because u r soooooooooo good im doing a project on u for school!!! Thanks for being a big part of my reading life and please dont stop writing books!!!! From Indianna
Hi paul my names Ellie and I am one of you fans. I really enjoy reading your books. And most of them inspier me to keep reading. I'm in fact a bit of a story writer my self i wright heaps of books. From your 1* fan Ellie
HELLO Lily here. So what ya doing. I love your books. They are so awesome. I really love the book WICKED. So good. I hope you keep writing for ever. You really inspire me. I read your books when i go to bed and mum says to go to sleep and as soon as she leaves I pick up the book again. From your Number #1 Lily :)
HI PAUL JENNINGS i'm such a big fan i've have nearly ever book of yours. i have watched nearly tv show and have got all of your movies laura :]

April 2011

Hi Paul, I am a Prep teacher and I have been reading the Rascal books to my class over the last few weeks. Wow!! They just love these books. They get mum and dad by the hand and they have to look at the book we have read today. I just love the excitement they have about reading the Rascal books. They are hooked so much so that a little boy in my class 'Jack' wrote a Rascal book. It is called "Rascal and the Numbers". It is fantastic, the story line is similar to yours, it has great illustrations, it was typed up on the computer and then mum used her sewing machine to make it into a book. I would love for you to see it. He presented it at sharing today. We just love your books thank you so much. From the children of Prep R. Thanks Denise

December 2010

Hi Paul I have read many of your books and would like to say you have done a great job with them. I love your series of story that are weirdest, funniest, scariest and trickiest. Although I have not read them all the ones that i have read are really whacky. Christmas is coming up and I was wondering if you were going to write a whacky christmas story? If you don't i'll be sure to do it for you.:) I hope you enjoy your christmas and i hope also for one of your books. see you later Tamara

November 2010

Hi Paul,my name is James i really like your books and my favourite book is Undone and my favourite story in it is Clear As Mud. from James
My favourite book is A good tip for ghosts it is funny when his teeth are his darlings. My favourite chrackter is old man chompers. Whats it like living in Austrailia? from Jay
Hello, my favourite book of yours is a good tip for ghosts.I like the bit where old man chompers calls his teeth his darlings.My favourite character is ginger James because one of the twins are Pete and ginger James calls the other twin repeat.All of you books are good and very funny. from Tom
I love the way you always put a dad in your stories.I absolutly loved guts garvi I can just imagin the fly shooting acroos the roomlike a rocket. from Josh
Hi Paul,My name is Emilie,Me and my friends love your books alot,we especially like the Cabbage Patch Fib.I wish I had all of your books so I could read them as much as I could,That would be GREAT!! I think your fantastic and your books too.I would love to see you one day to hear all about you. :)
Hi Paul, your books are fantastic, they're funny and revolting. I really like it when my teacher reads them to me she does funny expressions for the people that somtimes makes me laugh. I like your books especially the one with the remote control init.We have read alot of your books and there are alot more to read but they'll be brilliant. I hope that I can read more of them :D. IM YOUR NO.1 FAN :) from Rosie

October 2010

hello Paul, My name is amelia and I really love it when our teacher reads your books at the end of the day. My favourite books are clear as mudd and skeleton on the dunny. I hope you write some more books because they are brilliant!!! form Amelia

Hi Paul I love your stories. I stopped reading them for a year but then I spotted some more in the school library. I said, "Wow, more Paul Jennings book" and I was reading them again. By the way, what's the name of that story from Spit It Out? I saw it "Trickiest Stories" but now I forgot it. The story where that kid found a rat and it made him get blue spit that made him spit every few seconds? What's that called again? From Ricky in New Zealand, from Su******* Primary School

            Hello Ricky - the story is called 'The Spitting Rat' and was published in my 'Trickiest Stories' book.  Cheers, Paul

hi my name is ciara i live in Ireland.  i love your books everybody likes them in my school. i have two little sister one named Aoife and Emma. I have conins were in Australia. If you ever go to Ireland by k*** you can visit my school i wounld love it.  From Ciara
Dear Paul Jennings I really enjoy it when my teacher reads your books to us in school.I especially like Clear as Mud because it is a creative and very imaginative book that nobody else could think of.I hope you are going to write some more books for every one to read. Thanks for reading Molly x
Dear Paul: I'm a student in year 8,I come from China but I live in Australia now.I have read some of your stories and I love them,they are really funny and unbelieveable.Like Lucky Lips and Without a Shirt.I'm still reading the book and enjoying it,hope you can make more funny stories to keep us laughing,improving my life and English. From Yifan.
We have just read The Cabbage Patch War in class. We just want to tell you that we loved it. This has inspired many of our class to read more of your books. Love your books! 4W
Hi Paul, My name is Rachel and I am 11.I live in co. K**,Ireland. I love your books and my favourite is unbearable.It is genious. See my teacher gave my class and I a task. It was to try contact a famous author and u were the first person that popped into my head.please reply. Keep up the great stoires, your no.1 book reader, Rachel P.S. every in Ireland pop into my school S.T B**, K**.  

September 2010

hi paul you have awesome books but I don`t have any but my school does. I have seen your video it is cool. that cave there, it was cool. I wish I was in warrnmabool. on your video you said that you were making more rascool books. you are the best paul. From Eric

Dear Mr Jennings, We are the Primary 2 kids at Forest I**** School in France (near Paris). Our teacher is Australian and read your books and watched the TV shows when she was young. And now we love them too! We liked the Birdman, Slopy Jalopy, Wunderpants, well... lets just say, we liked all the ones we've read. They make us laugh, feel disgusted and sometimes feel sad. We are looking forward to reading more of your stories. And now that we've seen your website, we are interested in reading about Rascal! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine down there! Cheers Big Ears :-p Primary 2

Dear Mr Jennings, Our class 3MR from St P** Primary School,P**t M*** has just finished reading your novel the 'Paw Thing'. The majority of our class loved your novel and found it to be very entertaining. The different characters kept us entertained, we enjoyed that your novel was not only funny but also sad. Our favourite parts of 'Paw Thing' were when you describe how Singenpoo recived his name. We particualary liked it when the mice came up Mr Mac's underpants and were nibbling Mac's underpants. We enjoyed reading the part when the little boy changed the sign of the shop to Droppings for a Chicken Roll and we all laughed when the bold headed man ate mice poo. We thought that the illustrations supported the paragraphs and that they were well drawn. A few of our classmates did not like your novel as they like novels which have more action and more characters. We would encourage other year three students to read Paw Thing and some of our class would read this novel again. The Class of 3MR St P** Primary School P**t M***

to dear Paul, i love all your books,they are funny and well favourite would have to be sink the gizmo,i think you are the best writer in the world!!! i have heaps of your books on my shelf. hope we can speak again soon isobelle
Hi my name Jim I am 7 years old and in year 1 at school. I wanted to write and let you know I really love your little rascal books. I don't like our readers at school that much but I will always read a little rascal book. Thank you, thank you, thank you From Jim P.S. Thanks also from Jim's mum Lesley I also like your books and it has really helped with James' reading. (he will read them) Lesley

Dear Paul, The books that you write are great like singenpoo shoots though.You are the best writer I have met.You make the book sound so intersting with the words you use.I like the part in The Pink bow tie that says this,Iam a very nervous person, very sensitive,I get scared easily.I am scared of the dark,and ghost stories.I am even scared of the cookie monster off sesame. LOVE YOUR BOOKS From Elise!!!!

Dear Mr Jennings Hi my name is Caitlin & I am 9 years old.This is my friend Anna she is 10 years old.We go to st M** school K***.Your books are AMAZING.At school we have heaps of your books.We have been doing an author study about you. Yours sincerely Anna & Caitlin from St M** school K***.

August 2010

im sorry to hear about e-books i like books especially yours my favourite is oh by the way im only grade 7 and my favourite book is unreal its helarious im doing an writing task and ive read everything about you plus ive read all your books. from James S.

hi i love ur books they are the best.  from Angus

hey paul i love the story called on the bottom i think its the best of all your books infact i think its the best book ive read in my entire life. from jye

hi paul you are a very good story writer you are my fav if you could make a story about my friend maddison h*****s it would be great because of her birthday please!!!

Hey, Mr Jennings, I love your Rascal books they are awesome. My favourite one is all of them! from Gabriella

Dear Paul,I LOVE your books. I am 8. I am in Niamh's class(she sent you an email). We did our assembly on Licked and we do loads of work on your stories. Our teacher loves your books too. Whenever we get spare time she reads them to us. I gave my dad Funniest Stories for his birthday. Love Jasmine

Dear Mr. Jennings, I like all of your Gizmo series. And my class somtimes read your big books about rascle and all those other funny monsters! From your # 1 book reader Scarlett

Dear Paul, How are you to day I like your books. Do you like your books. I like red and I like dogs and I like cats. From Olivia

Hello Paul my name is Emerson and i am 10 years old. i am writing to you to say thankyou for writing Cow Dung Custard because its fully sick. see ya emerson

hi paul, my name is lily and i am am 11 years old. my class is studying your book 'lighthouse blues' at the moment. i want to know how you became soooo good at story writing. my favourite of your books is the singenpoo series. they are great. please please please reply. i would love to show my friends a real e-mail from you. they are great fans also. i love your books, lily

Dear Paul Jennings - here is a selection of comments from the children in Room 10 at Te K*** Primary in New Zealand. I don't laugh at many stories or movies but when my teacher read your books they made me laugh - from your fan Stephanie. I love reading your books. My best book is 'Gizmo". I can't wait to read all of your books - from Branden In my class we have been reading your books. They are real funny and the whole class has enjoyed them. The best one I like is 'Come Back Gizmo', it was real funny - from Jo Your book 'Come Back Gizmo' is the best I have read yet.My favourite chapter is the last one when the cat takes the Gizmo. It was a great idea putting the books into the Cherreos boxes - from Hayden

Hey Paul! I'm Eva and I'm 10 yrs old from New Zealand. I love you're books!!! My friend introduced me to your amazing books and every time I go to the library I have to get a book of yours!! :) I've read 'Quirky Tails',part of 'Undone' and 'Unbearable' I will be going to the library soon to get some of your books out soon. I love EVERY part of your stories :) So interesting! Write back soon! From Eva (V)!_!(V)

Dear Mr Jennings Your books are fabulous and sometimes a little gross = Satomi We've started reading your Singenpoo books and we are really enjoying them - Bethany We've read Singenpoo and its very funny and its a very good book - Ellie Your books are really fun and i would like to read more = Rachel The class are really enjoying learning more about the works of Paul Jennings - Ms Kuhne

July 2010

hi paul, i absolutely LOVE your books exspecially rascal i have read almost every one i, have read uncanny and started reaading uncollected volume one. Out of your rascal books i would rate your book 10 out of 10.  from Josh

hi paul i love your books they are so amazing and love the rascal books the most they are the best from marlee

Dear Mr. Jennings you are my favorite author at the moment and I really like Unreal and Uncovered. My dog doesn't fly or vanish though. I also have the complete set of Round the Twist.   from Benjamin

hi my name is lydia,my brother and i love reading your little rascal books we read them almost every day. i just wantned to know if, you were going to write anymore rascal books after rascal and the bad smell?and how many?because i would love to collect them all before you stop writing them i've got every one up to rascal the bad smell(im ordering it)so exciting!.if you do write anymore could you please email me the title of the book?thanx from lydia
             "After Rascal and The Bad Smell there are two more Rascals to be published in 2011 
            - Rascal Bumps His Head in February 2011 and Rascal's Big Day in April 2011.  
            Keep an eye on my website as I will have some information about Rascal Bumps His Head soon 
            on either my News or Blogs page."

Hi, Paul I am really interested in your books my favourite is DEADLY I'm glad your an arthor because I would have nothing else to read. So if I can get to the point you are a great arthor with alot of imagination!!! From Ashleigh P*** :)

hi paul i love your books my favourite book is the adventures of singinpoo i have a cat that looks just like him. i have read unreal and all the oher ones bye from CALEECO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Paul My name is Vincent. I think your books are awesom!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the next book you are going to make? Does it involve crabs? Or does it involve something else? My favourite book that you made is Sink the Gizmo. And I looove books. I like Sink the Gizmo because it is scary and funny at the same time. And it always surprises me a lot. I love it. I have 2 little sisters, 1 big brother and my mum and dad. I think my sisters will like your books when they can read, and my big brother already does. Thank you for all the great books you made. From Vincent

Dere mr. Jennings, Hi my Name is Willow I am riding The gizsmo I am 6 yis oid . I loved the gizso becos it was a grat storie. Love from Willow

hi paul i'm only 8 and i just read unreal my favorite chapter was wunderpants it was funny lol.  from Ella

Dear Paul. I love your books very much. My favourite books are, Funniest Stories, Weirdest Stories and Spookiest Stories. I did "Licked" for my assembly at school. I like to read them as soon as I get into bed with my reading light. We are on school holidays, but I have a sore throat and feel sick. Love Niamh

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