August 2009

Hi paul, I absaloutely love your books. U R my writing HERO. My favourite books R The Gizmo, The Gizmo Again, Come Back Gizmo & Sink The Gizmo. I relly think U should make a Book about A Bat that has to Fly to his master to escape from his kidnapper Egra. U can call it 'Run Bat' From nic $$$$$$

Hi Paul, My name is Isabel.  i am 8 and i am in third grade. I have read some of your books and i love them! My favourite book so far is The Gizmo. It is really funny, packed with adventure and very misterious. I Love it! My favourite scene in the Gizmo is when they are at the pool and the Gizmo gives the main character the baby bikini and the girl gets the wedding dress. BTW in the gizmo books what is the main characters name in the book? I'd like to know. If you write another book good luck! Kind Regards, Isabel.

Hi my name is Julia if you want you can call me Jules. I love your books. I have read most of your rascal books cause i used to read them to my brother Marcus. Some of my favourite books that you have wrote is the gizmo stories they are funny as well as mean and I also like grandpas gifts it has lots of emotive language descrive words and powerful words. Can you please make more books for kids page and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your funny books. I really wish I can met you. I hope you have the best of luck and make more stories and love writing and teach more teaches. Love your biggest huggest fan Julia! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hi paul i love your books there my favorite books to read at school we have silent reading and every time i wanted to fastford to silent readding. yours sincerly isaac

hey paul my name is ebony and i am a huge fan of all your books. i have got all of them in my bookshelf and i am reading uncollected right now. i wanted to thank you for inspiring me to maybe write books if my own one day. i live in a little town called c***l its in Australia and i am in year six at c***l primary school and all of my friends read your books. from ebony

Hi there Paul My name is Tiana and im 13. I go to high school and im in grade 8.When we are reading our books in classm,our teacher reads 2 pages in one of your books. My class sometimes, laugh and the funny stories,cry when something gose wronge, but we love your books. I love reading your books at home,school,over at someones place and wherever I am. Your books are so funny and some are alittle bit discusting but it dosent hert....I love it though! I also like writing books. I write them in a book at home or on the computer. When i go shopping out for the day i say i want to go and have a look at the books. I go to you first always. I hope you write back to me Tiana

Dear Paul, Hi my name is emma and im 12 years old. I love your books SO much. 1 think i love is that they're a whole mixtures of them, they can make me so sad i literally cry sometimes, make me keep glancing up at the photo's on my wall JUST to check there not moving and are about to come out into my bedroom or keep glancing at my wardrobe just to make sure there isnt a freaky dead fox in there but most of the time they make me laugh so much that my cheeks and sides are aching and theres a grin on my face for the rest of the day. The other thing i love is that when reading your stories, i can go off into my own little world that no one can judge or make fun of and i can run wild in there. I nearly ALWAYS find either myself, relatives, enemies (mwah ha ha ha), friends or even just aquaintances in your characters. When im reading your books i completly lose track of time. When we were flying over to Ireland i spent nearly the WHOLE time reading your books thats how much i enjoy them! When i am older i want to be either an actress/author or doctor/author either one i choose, or if i choose something else i always know that writing will be a major thing that makes me who i am! I can never thankyou enough for the fun and the nights i spend awake thinking of some of your most confusing stories that leave me thinking in bed, trying to unravel their mysteries that you have brought me by generously sharing your imagination and creativity with the world. Thankyou so much, it is greatly appreciated!!! Yours sincerely EmMa

July 2009

Hi Paul I love the UN books. My favourites are UFD, Souperman, Spagetti Pig-out, and Noseweed. For Ever made me cry because the main character dies. I read them books every day at our school library. From one of your biggest fans, Ricky.
Hi Paul, I just finished reading your book The Reading Bug for the 5th time, I laughed so much reading through it especially when you wrote about the emails and letters you get from mothers that complain about your work. I know the book's meant to be aimed for parents but instead I picked it up because it was lying around at home and none of my parents were reading it. I just wanted to say how much I love your books and that you're doing a really good job. As a small child I loved your books because they were so gruesome in some and very different in all of them, they were unique. I am sure to recommend your books to my children when I grow up to be a parent. By the way, congratulations on releasing your new book The Nest! I won't bother you with this nonsense anymore. Keep up the good work! From Stacey (P.S - Can't believe I just wrote a fan mail to an author)
Hi Paul i like all your books and I think I would like to be a writer just like you when I grow up.I would really like to read the rascal series. I read your books all the time my favourite book is Pubic Hare it is so funny and the best thing about it is it makes the girls get grossed out. I have been learning about you in the school library.I have one book at home and it is called funniest stories.And in that book it has a lot of funny storties and when you were a kid you and your sister must of been freaked out when you sailded from England to Australia.
Paul, I am Austin and I am 10 years old, I am really energetic and enjoy your books.I used to not read to many books, but after I started reading your books I started to like reading. Your books are absolutley fantastic. You have a good storyline to all your books and that's what makes them so interesting. You have really inspired me to be a writer when I am older. I hope this e-mail has inspired you to write more books. From Austin
hi Paul, my name is Maddi. I go to W****e Public School and i am in year 4/5M. I have been learning about you in library with my class. We have been reading your books, i liked most of them but my favourite was Skeleton on the Dunny and The Cabbage Patch Fib. I love your web page, its so colourful and hands-on. I like it how there are stories that you can listen to, i hope there are more to come.
PAUL I am Cooper I am 10 years old I absolutley love your books.I have also been inspired to become a writer just like you.I also have a good storyline for one of your books.There are a couple of teachers at my school that I really like and some that I don't like at all.The thing that I would like to see in a story is that the mean teachers and the good teachers have a battle and the mean teachers get driven out of the school I Hope To Hear From You Cooper
hi paul my name is reice and i love your books that are sooooo coooooool i am in yr 6 and i go to and i would just like to know what kind of book are u gunna publish next g2g cya
Dear Paul, Hello! im Hollie and im am 11 years old but i am nearly 12 (in october) I love all of your books but my favourite book is the"funniest stories" book. The books make me relaxed and when i an sad i read them and they make me feel better. In conclusion, i love the books so much thanks, hollie (your biggest fan).
Dear Paul, Hello im Avni and im 11 years old and i go to W****e Public School. We are learning about you and your books at school!!! I love your books and i have about all of your books except for 'Toung Tied' Some of your books are grose some are funny and ALL of your books are interesting!!! Some of your books are just like my life and some of your books are like you cant imagine it in your head but your books you can imagine it in your head!!! I wish i could meet you sometime and see your talents how you write your books and see your talents of writing!!! Your my first favourite writer and Roald Dahl is my second favourite writer!!! Looking forward to getting your reply!!! From: Avni
Dear Paul, Hello my name is Kirstie and i am 11 years old. I love your books because they are funny and you can imagine them in your head unlike other books where you cant imagine it in your head. I go to W****e Public School and we are learning about you and your books. Some of you books are like me but some arn't. And all of of them are interesting! From: Kirstie.
Dear Paul, For about one month i have been reading your books and i realy like them.I go to w****e.p.s. and i have been borrowing your books.I think all of your books are crazy and funny.I have read most of them except Little Rascal and The Nest.You have a better imagineation than any writers i know/heard of.I want to write books when i grow up now.P.S. I hope to hear from you and if you need ideas i have heaps. Yours Sincerly, Chris.
Dear Paul Jennings, This is Shona here, i love your books and website!!I am turning 11 in 17 days. My favourite part of the website is the audio because i get to see the expressions on your face and the passion about the book your reading. My favourite book that i have read is the Gizmo series. I like the gizmo series because its not something you see every day and teachs you to not be mean and selfish. From Shona
Dear Paul I love your books I read them in the school libary.I used to hate reading but now I have heard your funny books and I read all the time.The book I like the most is the funniest stories.But I like all the books.I love this website because I can contact you,i can find more books to read and i can find out more about you. My name is danielle.I am 10 years old. I go to W***e Public School and I hope to read more of your books soon. From Danielle
Dear Paul, I love your books they always put a smile on my face to read. I love reading about you and your life on your website. My name is Jessica and i'm in year 5 and I go to W****e Public School. Im A big fan!!! Your website is great it is so interactive. I feel like i have already meet you. I hope you have the time to read through my lettter Thanks Jess

June 2009

Dear Paul, Ihave been reading your books in class they are really good I particularly liked smart ice-cream I would love to find and ice-cream that made me smart! I love the fact that there is not just one type of magical ice-cream there are a few other wise that would be a bit odd! Ilove the idea of ice-cream that made you pimmples go away and your nose shrink that made me LOL! Yours Sincerely Charlotte

Dear Paul Jennings. I love your books and i hope you make more cheers to you my favourite books are unbelievable,unbearible and rascals. Hi my name is Jason and i love your books and i always borrow them at the library and thanks for making the best and coolest books in the world i love them! i live with my mum and dad and sis and brother.. again thanks for the best books in the world!

Hi Paul my name is Isaac G*** and I love your book's my most favourite book is PAUL JENNINGS TRicKIEst stoRIEs I read the books soo fast I finish them in about 2 days my mum says she doesn't have enough $ to by another one she said I should stop reading them soo fast... Isaac G Though I am very proud of his flash reading! So thanks heaps Paul Jennings for inspiring my wee man to love reading so much Isaac's Mum :)
Dear Paul, My name is Lucas and I am 9 years old. I love your books because of all the weird things that happen in your stories. I especially liked Wicked and I want to read Deadly. I enjoyed them because you and Morris Gleitzman are my favourite writers. I hope you write more with Morris Kind Regards, Lucas

Hi Paul, I really love your singenpoo books i think that they are wonderful can you please write another one because they are the best. thanks Opal

Hey Paul, I love your books. Some of your books remind me about some things that go on in my life, or have already happened. I am writing some stories, so i can grow up to be a really good author, just like you. Thank you for writing all those books. !CHLOE!

Hi Paul, at the moment our class is reading your books. This term we have read ICE MADEN, BIRD MAN, ON THE BOTTEM and A GOOD TIP FOR GHOSTS. At the moment we are reading FROZEN STIFF. Last week I went into the library and looked up your books. I borrowed 7 of them and I've started to read Paul Jennings TRICKIEST STORIES. It is really funny and exciting I can't wait to read what happens next. If you had to read one of your books witch one would you read? From Zayn.

Hi Paul Jennings! i have just finished a book of yours, undone!! it is such a cool book, i love it!! It took me 29 days to get through the whole book but i did'nt mind because it is such an awesome book!!i am going to try and read all of your books because i enjoyed that one so much!! i am a grade4 student from M*****e college p12 school and we all would love you to visit our classroom one day. from Elsie

Hi Paul, I found your website from Mr M our teacher. At school we are reading lot's of Paul Jennings books. Our teacher is a really good teacher. I am in year 3. Yuor books rock!!! Catherine

Hi Paul I love your books. At the moment we're reading Uncanny it's great. I can't wait to read one of your new books. I like your book Tongue tied and Unreal there the best books in the world i wish i could meet you to get some tips, thank's Zack

Hi Paul our class is reading your book Uncanny it is a very cool book.My favorite story so far is a good tip for ghost .Do you read your own books?I think your a good writer and some day i want to be a writer like you.I think the rascals are good and i want to read the new books. Bye for now not for ever. Thank Paul!

Hi Paul my class loves Paul Jennings books we read them for literature Thanks Maddisyn

Hey Paul, I love reading your books, and have read every one at least twice. Can't wait for new one's to come out. I am just re-reading 'weirdest stories', 'spot the dog chapter', and was wondering where in the picture on pages 258-259 is the dog? Have looked and looked, but can't find him. Thanks Tom

May 2009

hey Paul, my name is Jessica. I love your books at school my sub teacher reads the funniest stories and the spookiest stories. They are interesting and weird well sometimes. I love your books because they are crazy and fun. In my school i love any writing I'm not sure what I'll be when im older but one of the options is being a writer your my inspiration and thank you for writing the best books iv read in my entire life. Yours Truly Jessica
OH MY GOD!!! its Paul Jennings. i have always wanted to tell you something. um.. you are like, my favorite author in my world. yes, i have a world of my own. any ways, did you that i read almost all of your serious? well, except for the new one called 'the nest'.well nice talking to you. i hope you reply and good luck in future that you sell more books. p.s: YOUR THE BEST MAN!  from Shirley
Hi Paul My name is D'arcy and we are studing you for our auther and i think you right perfect storys.I wish you could live for ever and right storys.I want to know what will be your next books title. D'arcy
Dear Paul, I love your books especially Rascal the Dragon. I did not like reading until mum bought Rascal the dragon for me. Now I love it. This term I have to do an author study for school. I have chosen you because my teacher inspired me with a book called Wierdest Stories. I really loved it. I love your website especially all of the colour and details. My class friends also love your stories. From, Mattea
Hi Paul, your website is the BEST. I almost have all your books, my friend Danial is 25 and he gave me heaps of books. Today is my birthday. I am 9 today. I have, SO much to ask and tell you, do you have pets and if I ever go to Warrnambool can I viset you. I love to write. I want to be an auther when I grow up. Your my favourite auther. Your books are the best. I got a book for my birthday. I got The THE MANY ADVENTURES OF SINGENPOO. I got $50 for my birthday and now I have $80 to spend on your books. Please write back! From your biggest fan Casey.
To Paul So far i am injoying your book so much there are just so many books to choice from. The one am reading at the moment is the the one where the father and son were fishing and they caught a shark and there was a finger in it from charlie
hi Paul. I love youre books. We're reading them in class at school. We just finished reading tongue-tied and now were reading Unreal. My friend Hannah and i worked out youre message at the back of tongue tied and the teacher said we could go on youre website and send you a message. We were very excited and i can't wait for you to email me back. xx Kayla
Hi Pual I love your books and we're are reading them in class at school and we just finished reading Tongue-tied and now we are reading Unreal.My friend and I figured out your message at the back of Toungue-tied. It was tricky but fun fun.Kayla is the friend I mentioned and she is writing to you aswell.We are both excited about hearing your reply if you do end up sending something back.Our teacher is cool to From Hannah
Dear Paul I love your crazy books and different stories. Your so cool even though I've never even seen a picture of you. My friend and I wrote to you today at school, I'm not sure you've got our messages yet and I'm hoping you will write back. If not i hope you will get this message. I hope you keep writing stories and don't turn out to be a boring architect or something ( I know you won't) I have to eat now Bye Hannah
Hi Paul, Is Paul Jennings your real name or not? Keep the effort of writing those funny books and how many books did you write in total? DO you still write books now? Kind Regards, Nigel 
(Yes Nigel - Paul Jennings is my real name - thanks for your email)
hey Paul, I am jack I love your books I have read so many. I am reading a book of yours now.My library at school has so many books of yours. I am trying to read 15 books in a month. I like the gizmo stories they are so crazy and cool!!!! I like the way that most of the picture story books are 62 pages long. Can I be in a part of your next book please. I would like to read a book that had me as a main character in it.What is your favorite book.Can you reply to me. Yours truly jack p.s do you want me to send a picture of me
Hey Paul your books are mad and i enjoy reading them from troy
heyy man i love your books i love givmo and uncovered there the best books ever and i love that your aussis i hade usa poeple and your from vic your so cool man cep writing books from daniel
my teacher at school is reading your book called uncollected I am enjoying listening to him read the stories to us I think they are very funny.  from Nat

April 2009

you are the best author ever! I really mean it. You were the fist author to inspire me to read books so hurry up and write some more.  from Ben
Dear Paul, We have been learning about your life and books. We really love your books and they are really funny to read. What is your favourite book? Which of your books do you like the best and who is your favourtie character? What inspires you to make more books? What did you like about "Rupert the bear"? Thank you for writing great books and reading our email. Please write back if you have time From 4D
dear Mr Jennings We love reading the Singenpoo and Rascal series of books. Our library teacher always wondered why the book was named that and now she knows. We have lots of your books in our school library and lots of people borrow them. Would you love to have any other jobs? Why did you move to Australia? We hope you didnt get hurt in the bushfires we have been worried about you. What is your favourite book that you have written? From 4C
Dear Mr Jennings, We love your books and lots of them at our school. We have fun reading your stories. Your books are very funny Do you think you would come to Gladstone in qld one day? What is your favourite book? How is your life in Victoria and are you safe? Did you know that our class is the best in the school because we got all of our libraray books back first at the end of the term. We won a free dress day from our library teacher. from 4M
Hello Paul, My name is Kaelan and I am 8 years old. I go to Northern School. I love your books. I have read 3 books of yours. Today my mum bought Weirdest Stories. Next I am going to read Undone. I read your biography. I thought how hard it would be to make all those books. I hope you get this and one day might visit our school to talk about your books, and how you get your great ideas. I hope you have a good easter. I look forward to reading all of your books
Hello Paul. My name is Lauren . I just wanted to write you a note, just to let you know what your writing has done for me whilst growing up. As a child I wasn't really into reading at all, that was until I discovered your books, particulary the series, "Wicked". If it wasn't for your books I may have been deemed illiterate and not allowed to proceed to Grade 3. These days, I am in Grade 12. I have read every single book and story you've ever written, my Mum used to say I was obsessed. In a way, your stories were an escape. When I read particular stories, I could relate to some of the emotions. The story "Shake" was a particular favourite of mine. I like to write stories.   Yours truly, Lauren
hi Paul i am Abbie I love your books especially the one i am reading now called "Spookiest Stories" its really good! My brother has tones of your rascal books! i like the trickiest and spookiest stories you write! Keep up the good work! Num 1 fan abbie
Hi our names are lachlan & jack we are big fans of your work hi
Hello Mr Jennings I just want you to know how much I LOVE your Rascal books. They are my most favourite books ever. Mum has told me that there is a new rascal book coming out soon and I can't wait. They have helped me with my reading alot, because if I can not work out a word I willnot give up on trying with a Rascal book. My mum loves your books as well. Rascal and Shovel are my favourite dragons, I wish I could have a real Rascal. Thank you soooo much for writing these books look forward to reading more of your books. From Ryan
Hi Paul I'am wondering how you first became an author ,because your so good at writing books.How did you learn how to write those amazing books?.I think your my favorite author.I love reading your books because they are sometimes scary ,sometimes funny and sometimes weird .Can you try to write a bit more books because sometimes I get bord reading other authors books.Hope you send something back to me soon or later so bye.

March 2009

hi paul how r u. i love your books they are so funny my favourite ones are the gizmo's they teach you how to act Georgia

hi paul my name is maddi i love your books the are really good. i have:funniest storys,trickest storys, please write me bak an email maddi

Hi I'm Monique and I'm 8 years old. I love reading your books and all your stories! I've read nearly all of them! My older sister Eliza got me into them, and shes read like ALL of them! I know you wont write back =[ but i LOVE YOUR BOOKS so much i had to write to you! Thanks, keep writin'! From Monique (your #1 fan ;] )
Dear Paul I love your books, especially the one where Rascal the Dragon flies. I am 6 years old and have started reading them to my mum!! You're cool!!! Can't wait to read another one....and I have read 2. See ya from Rory
hi im karin but my friends call me mimi or cheezel i love your books i get on my mums nerves all the time for reading but i love i cant help reading all the time is that good? my favourite books would have to be the cabbage patch series and the gizmo and singenpoo i hope you keep writing because your books are wonderful Karin ps my book shelf is full of books and the majority if books are by you i especially love hte series deadly by you and morris glietzman bye
Hi!!! I luv ur books. How do u rite books like that? All my books arn't that good. I want to be a comedian but im not funny like you. For ever was the saddest story i had ever read. I was glad his brother ripped up the toilet paper to look like snow. Theres another story but i forgot wat it was. any ways. C ya! Skye
H paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ilove your books.I already read haf of your "TRICKIEST STORIES"book.Ive atleast read your"NAKED GHOST,BURP AND BLUE JAM"atleast onehundred times.o'k fifty.O'K TEN!sheash! I WOV( LOVE )YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PS:I'M NINE(9))  fromSzilvia
Hey paul im a big fan almost read all your books cant wait to read your new one.  from Baillie
Hello,I really love ur book I started reading it when our teacher told us how awesome our book is and when I read it , it was really good and funny.:)  from Jasmin
Hi i have 14 books of yours i think that your books are so great and interesting. You make things so amusing and funny i hope you continue in your writing. My favorite book of yours is the paw thing i think it is so great. I read it over and over again. When i am older i want to be like you i am very interested in writing. From Jade P.S I AM 11

February 2009

Every month I will publish a selection of emails and letters from you guys. 
No surnames, addresses or school details will be published without permission.
Here's Lachlan who went to school during Book Week celebrations dressed as 'Rascal the Dragon'. 
Doesn't he look teriffic!! 
* Permission for this photo was given by Lachlan's Mum.
hi paul!!!!!
your books are great!!!!!
Please don't  stop righting children books!!!!
I am 10 and love horses I have 5 horses.
When i was younger i absolutely loved your little rascal books,
and sometimes look at them again and remember   the time I read them 
with help of my mum.
from Isabelle
Dear Paul Jennings I love your book Unbelievable its great I really love the story with the older and younger machine.
Please Reply to me Lydia
p.s. Oh I have also read Undone and Unseen they are also great!

Dear Paul Jennings

I have bought one of your books and I have to say it was the BEST ONE EVER and im loving it to bits.

I have Spookiest Stories and I spent all my pocket money on it because I heard about it and I thought I have to buy it.

It started when I was in class it was near the end of the day my teacher Mr D was reading it to the class then I thought this is the best storey ever and went to find it in the shops.

I just had to buy it. I just had enough pocket money and mum said that if I buy the book all my pocket money will be gone, I said fine anything for the book. 

As soon as I saw that I could contact you I ran to mum and said can I write to Paul Jennnings because I loved you book so much.



9 Years old

Hope you enjoyed my message as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Hi, my name is pronounced she then on so Shion. Your books are totally *awesome*!!! I love the funniest stories and spookiest I hope I can keep reading your cool book! Regards, Shion



Hi! I love your books! I enjoy reading them very much. I hope you keep publishing! Rahnee



Hey! I am Ivy! I really like your books. I have read quite a few of them including your books with Morris Gleitzman. I will continue reading your stories and hopefully they will keep getting better!! Ivy






Hi, i really love your books and they are really good an funny.

 From Dharni



Hi, my name is Hayden. I love your books they are greatwhat books do you write kides? from hayden



Hi Paul my names Nicolas i just wanted to say hi and that i really enjoy reading your books.I wanted to say that im doing an assignment on you its like a fact file. Your FAN Nicol@s PS:send back to me please!!!! and ill tell u what i got for the assignment!!!!!!
Hi Paul. I love your 'UN' books, well, the ones that i've read anyway. I've only managed to find 4 out of 10 every where I look. I really want to read all of your wacky stories. My favorite one has to be Listen ear, because it is very spooky, but I also like the one where the family finds the circus costumes that give them powers, but unfortunatly I can't remember it's name. When I read For Ever, it brought tears to my eyes when i found out that the main character dies, but I felt a little better when I read that his greatest wish comes true. I can't wait to read the rest of them. Yours Sencerely Joey  P.S. I know that you said that you cant answer everyones messages, but I would be thrilled if you would. It would be the first contact I ever have from an author or a celebrety.
Dear Mr. Jennings My name is Fraser and I go to P**** South Primary School. I love reading your books and so do many of my classmates. Because of my love of books I have been made a moniter of the school library. Next time you pass through P**** could you please stop by at our school to talk to us about your books. 
Regards Fraser

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