June 2010

Paul this is part of my Majura year 3 homework.I would like to comment on your books. Dear Paul I like your stories because they are funny and joyful. I like all the Gizmo books and Rascal books. I especially like Dragon Droppings from the Rascal stories, I like the ending when Rascals poo was the shape of the owner. That was funny. My favourite story from the Gizmo series is The Gizmo Again. Keep your books coming. Claudia

hi paul, i love reading your books !!!!!!!!!!! i have read nearly all your books. they belong to my big brother and he is 27 and he read them when he was at school. bye bye maddy

Dear paul i hate stories but when i read one of your stories called snookle that was when i thought of writing my own story.and my story was about a boy named burger and he got his super powers from eating burgers. but anyway i am your biggest fan. and i hope you write alot of stories. form samuel and i am 11 years old thanks for reading bye

Dear Paul i dont really like listening to stories but i love listening to yours. I raed heaps of your stories. I like the one with snookle in the milk bottle from Jay

Hi Paul I love your books they are fantastic. I have read Singnpoo,The Cabage Patch Fib,Gizmo,Gizmo Again and I am reading Spookiest Stories. I have tried to write a stoy like you but I do not think it was better than one one of yours because you write nice cool funny stories. I hope you never stop writing stories soo halarius. love from your number one fan Stephanie xoxo

Our class has just read "A Good Tip For Ghosts." We also watched the "Round The Twist" version. We compared the show to the book and enjoyed both, but the majority liked the book better than the show. We liked the pun "A good tip" because it was more than just a title. we learnt how you use short, sharp sentences to build up the suspense. Thankyou Mr Jennings for writing such great, Aussie stories. Stage Three Warra*** Public School

Hi I am Paloma and all I do after school is READ, or play cards, or write but mainly read! After finishing tongue tied a couple of minuets ago,(for the 8th time) I looked at the back of the book and saw this sight. Natuarly I asked mum if I could go on the computer and this sight. After a while of puzzling I found out how to contact you(when you display the letters other kids have sent you mabe you should make a link to where you send the emails to, it took me half an hour) since I LOVE to read I could'ent miss the chance. I love your stories although some ar a bit sad or GROSS they are all compleatly wacky and in each book at least on of the stories have a moral, of example in tongue tied the story THE HAT it says at the end, some things are more importaint than others but the hard thing is finding out what, or somthing like that. My favourit story in tongue tied is probably SHAKE. I know that you can't reply to ALL our emails but could you PLEASE reply as I have spent AGES writing this and after getting my mums permison she fell asleep so she could'ent type it and I am such a slow typer! I have never got an email befor exepet ne for goining webgames. Thanks, Paloma P.S I like the story toungue tied in toungue tied aswell!

Hi Paul, My name is Sophie. I really like your books. You are one of my favourite writers, and you have inspired me to write. I have been writing a story for a while now, writing is something i do in my free time.

Dear Paul I am one of your biggest fans. I love your stories. I just read shake. I was wondering if you could write a story that goes on with that because i was really sad that Gavin died and i was really hoping that you could make him come back to life or something like that. Adam

Dear Paul Jennings, I Looooooooooooooooooooooooove your books and I love Rascal and the other dragons. I wish they were alive. Our class is doing author study this term and we get to read your books. Some people, sometimes read your books in silent reading time. I'm also planning to be a writer when I grow up and I have already written my first book but I have not got a proper cover on it yet though. It is called 'Lucy chews shoes'. I thought you might want to hear that 'cos you're a writer. Anyway, 'bye for now, from Sierra

May 2010

Dear Paul, I like reading your books. They are very funny and interesting.Keep writing more books because I really enjoy them. From Joshua age 8

Dear Mr Jennings We like your books. They are extremely interesting to read. They make us laugh. They are so funny we can't stop reading them. Ee are making a giant, exciting poster about YOU. We live in Geelong. Warrnambool is just down the road so PLEASE come and visit soon. From 5G

Hi Paul... i just wanted to say that i love your books. i enjoyed reading "unbelievable" and i love ALL your books... please write back! ;) from Manuela

Hi Paul Your book`s are really really really AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is the most succesful? Well my favourite is unmEntiOnablE! Bye Rory

Dear Mr Jennings, I am a teacher and some of the students have just read The Paw Thing. They wanted to tell you: * you have great detail in your book. * you have good imagination. * your books are awesome and funny. * I love your books. Keep writing - don't stop! From Ann, Madelyn, Dipannita, Randy and Isabelle

dear paul,i love your short stories they are awesome also my favorite story is spegetti pig out hilarous. From Kristie

dear mr Jennings, I love your books so much! They are some of the best books I have ever read! (And I have read a lot of books!) My bookshelf is so crammed with books that it is hard to find what to read next! A couple of days ago, my dad came home from work with a smile on his face. when I asked him what was up, he simply smiled even more and pulled out a box of cherrios, then I gasped with delight when I saw what was inside. It was a copy of "The gizmo". I quickly tore open the packet and pulled out the book, opened it and started reading it. After that we had dinner, but I still had not finished reading the book. So after My dad reading the book to me in bed and gone out to compfort my pregnant mother, I snuck under the covers and started reading again with a flashlight. All the best, Julian
Hi Paul, My name is Jack, and I love reading your books. The first book I ever read was your Rascal the dragon books. I'm 9 now and I've read ALMOST ALL of your stories!!!!!! I've read "Wicked!" and it was really weird, cool and wicked! I want to read "Deadly!" and the rest of your books! Keep writing! From, Jack :)
Hi paul my name is grace **** I'm from Ireland. I love your'e books. When is your'e next book going to be out? What is it called? Could you put my name in the next book and could the place be in Ireland? I would love that. I hope you write loads of more books. my favourite story is Frozen Stuff. Griffen disurved what he got.  from Grace

April 2010

Hi Paul it's me vanessa. i have just finished reading unreal and uncanny i thought that they we're great. i especially loved cow dung custard! At my school for all the year sixes for our projects we're doing notable australians and my notable is you! I'm a huge fan of yours and i love all the books i have read the you have wrote. write back please... from Vanessa S** Melbourne Victoria Australia :)

Dear Mr Jennings, My name is Tom B*** am 6 and I like reading. I have been studying how authors get their ideas for books. I read the book SPOOKIEST STORIES. I like the story called ''The Copy" because there are two Tims around the end. I would like to invent something when I grow up. I think you might have got the idea for the Cloner because you might have wanted to copy something like bars of gold. Could you please write back and tell me how you got the idea for the Cloner. Yours sincerely, Tom B***

March 2010

hey paul this is nathan you inspire me to write funny storys. right now im reading wicked six books in one it is soo funny!!! i crack up laufing with every story. at school we are doing a paul jennings authour study and that led me to be your biggest fan. you are the best childrens book writer in the world from your biggest fan nathan c

HEY Paul Were from a school in Wollongong we are in year4. we really REALLY REALY!!!!! LOVE!! YOUR BOOKS ABOUT SINGENPOO by the way say hey to Singenpoo for us we are two girls we have brown hair one has brown eyes the other me has green eyes and we have to go saying Im in school so bye from The Mystic Cats :)

Dear Paul, We're students at a school in Wollongong. We very much love your Singenpoo series. They're awesome! We will hand it over to our very good friends, so they can enjoy them too. We've read: The Paw Thing, Singenpoo Strikes Again and now we're reading Singenpoo Shoots Through. The funnest part was when Singenpoo pooped in the water tank. We wish we could write stories like that! Thank you for writing these great books. When I grow up, I want to be an author just like you. Love the cute banana monkeys in year 4

Hi Paul, We love your books. Your books are the best .We love your Singenpoo series. From your fun the cats.

Hi Paul, How is Singenpoo doing? Is he still pooing in the mermaid's tank? We have just finished reading that part of Singenpoo Shoots Through and we thought it was so funny. We were very confused about Singengpoo doing that. Why does he like Jack? What has Scott done to Singenpoo? By the way we are from year 4 in a school in Wollongong. We love reading your Singenpoo series. We are up to our third book. We hope you write some more Singenpoo books and others as well. From BULLDOGS.  
 Hey Paul! Firstly, you are an amazing writer! i have probably been reading your books for 8 years! I remember in primary school we were all obsessed over the Just series... Anyway, I have just started reading The Nest, which is pretty good so far. Im only about 20 pages in, but i have a feeling it is based on Mt Hotham? I spent a few weeks there last year and it is awesome. I hope to finish the book soon Keep up the fantastic stories (: Sarah 
hello paul as a class we have read many of your books but as me bailey ive read more of your books than anyone could imagen im am your biggest fan i love unreal undone spookiest stories and funniest stories.there my favorite books ever i also wanted to ask have you made a bio about yourself...... cause i would love to read it. you have inspired me and alot of kids to become a writer . i hope you keep writing best regards bailey 
Hi Paul, my name is Nathan. I'm 10 years old. My two favourite books of yours are Spaghetti Pig out and Wunderpants. I absolutely love them. I also love your book Unreal. From Nathan  
Hi Paul Jennings! I am your biggest FAN!!! So have you been writing any new stories? I love the book Tounge - Tied because in the first chapter,there were to brothers and they loved each other but when they bigger, they wern't playful like they use to be. Its quite sad because this guy wanted to shake hands because they were fighting but then the other guy didn't want to so then he ran away and he got crushed by a car. So when you write a new story, tell me what it is ok?  From Gina
I love your books they get me reading, from Rodney
Dear Singenpoo , What's your fave artist? Ours is Lady Gaga and pink ! What's your fave dinner ? Ours is home- made pizzia ! What's your fave athor? Ours is PAUL JENNINGS !!!!!!! Have you had a better life with Scott ? We are a big fan of your books and yourself ! We really miss you and hope there are more books about you . What are your hobbies? We like Reading, Muisc sport and more. From The Munchkins
Dear Singenpoo. How did you eat the radio ?What did it sound like !!!! Was it nice? Do you want to be a DJ? Do you want to be a rockstar! did you want to puke after eating the radio?See ya later from the hawks
Dear Singenpoo, I wonder how life is for you. If Scott is being cruel to you your always welcome here. Singenpoo are you being a bad kitty? Scott are your glasses always fogging up even though you don't work at Major Mac's chicken shop? I wonder what it was like to poop out a radio and make it sing. Keep on reading Singenpoo. Sincerely killer Gorillas
Dear Singenpoo, The MAD DOGS think your really cool and we wonder if you have swallowed any more radios we hope you are in another book we miss you so much. FROM THE MAD DOGS.
dear paul jennings i really love your books. our school has some of your books mybrother has your books as well . my favorite book is my smelly feet well something like that cheers emily
hi im a bigg fan of your books and i relly whant to meet you because you are awesome and i think you are awsome!!!!!  from Tegan
Hi Paul. I love your your books they are so funny. My little brother and my big brother love listening to your stories on audio. Your books are great. From daniel

February 2010

hi paul; we have been reading your books and my favourite book is uncanny and in class we've made a window for you and a wall that describes guts garvey. 6d love your books and i can't wait till your next book comes out and read more books. from Emma

ha paul to the best writer in the world you the best so don't give up,  from Shakira and Sarah

dear Pual i love reading those short storys like uncanny, unmentionable and unreel I also like the gizmoes Ithink that its great that u r making another one hope to see u make some more books in the future im in the same class as lauren at l***e state school.seya hayden

Dear Paul My name is Olivia, I am 10 years old. I love reading your stories and I always love a good book. All my friends call me a book worm and sometimes even a jennings worm because I always read your stories. My favourite story is The mouth organ. I love how your stories get me in to it. Once when I was reading one of your stories I even forgot I was reading. It is my dream to meet you one day.

Hi Paul my class is 6D and I go to L****s state school At school we are doing a window of your books. my favorite book is torn tide and around the twist they are good books. So I an hoping you do more books from shakira. P.S Paul, You are my fav author and my fav . I would like to thank you for making all the books that i can enjoy reading.xx

Hi Mr Jennings My name is Ellie and our class has loved reading your books and we also love watching "The Round The Twist" series! I've seen every single one with my sister! Well bye! Ellie

hello i love your books! they are soooooo good i own UNCOLLECTED volume two and i have had a read through more and i read WEIRDEST STORIES at my school library.  from Richard

Hi Paul My class (5E) read your books all the time i think their brilliant and so do my class ! I would like to know were you get such amazing ideas for your stories ??? Mili age 9


Hi Paul, You are my fav author and my fav book is tongue tied and round the twist. I would like to thank you for making all the books that i can enjoy reading.xx  from Sarah

hey paul we r reading some of your books in class the chapter ones. I got the rascal books i been asking my mum if i could get some of your books somewhere. our class all saw your website our class is year 6. the school what i go to is l***e state school. i like the frozen stiff one trying to find that book cant find it any where thankyou please get back to me taylor

Dear Paul, Your life sounds very interesting for my birthday i got your book weirdest stories its FANTASTIC i love your books there more than fantastic there fantastic and beyond! and your right just keep writing never stop! your amazing Paul to write so many books like you have you are fantastic just the way you are! Hope you write back, Cora11old

Hi Paul, my name is Kyle and I am 6 years old. With mummy's help I'm sending you a letter with some drawing ideas I have for your Rascal books. I completed the VIC Premier's Reader Challenge and MS Readathon last year when I was in Prep. This year I am in Grade 1 and I have just found out about Rascal and all your cool books. I love him and can't wait to read the whole Rascal series. Mummy enjoys reading the books with me and my favourite dragon is Bomber. Mummy wants to let you know she thinks your website is fantastic. Bestest wishes from one of your biggest, newest fans. KYLE
* Permission for the above pic was given by Kyle's Mum

January 2010

i love the story of the strap box flyer it is sooo hilarious i have read all your books and my teacher mr. walker is an absolute fan of your bokks thank you for giving me the inspiration to write books that is my hobb i ahve wrote a series of 10 books thank you email me back thank you yours sincereley priscilla
hey Paul! I' m shristi n m 13 yrs old . I live in india for our school syllabus(checkpoint book 2) we had the story about the ice maiden .it was a good story.....i mean i loved the way you wrapped it up.the beginning was something different .it had a lot of romance which made the children in class blush . I luv reading book n m lookin forward for ur next publication. your reader shristi
Dear Paul, You are an amazing author !!! My teacher reads my class loads of your books. My favourite book of yours is Unreal, it's brilliant. The best stories inside are Lucky lips , Skeleton on the dunny and Wonderpants You are a real inspiration best wishes Harriet (age 9)
Hi paul jennings. I love your books, ecpesally little squirt, ice maiden and nails. Our teacher reads them to us all the time and allllllllllllllll my class and even the teachers and people walking through are crying with laughter. Please keep writing to cheer us up at boring school. cheers from Georgina and the rest of year 6. xxx
Hey, We love reading all your books, they are amazing! We also LOVE writing too. Our favourite book is tongue tied even our Mum and Dad loved it too. Mum loves all your books, she is a teacher and she reads them to all her students! Are you going to realise any other books soon? We would love to hear back from you soon! Love Jane and Sophie
Dear paul i love your books they are so out there and they are not boring as other books oftern are any way i would love to know your email address thank yo u bye bye   from Tahlia

dear paul i LOVE reading your books.You are one of my favourite authors.i have read Deadly and Wicked twice.I have read all the UN books too.your books are great. i have to go now but i will write again. brooke

December 2009

hello i'm ten years old and ive read alot of your books mum got me trickiest stories for x-mas i really have enjoyed it. if someone asked me whats your favourite Paul Jennings story i would answer TOO MANY!!! when we go back to our public town library i can't wait to get your stories im looking foward to new ones!! i love your stories because you predict that you know whats going to happen but it turns out wrong and also i like solving the mysteries before i get to the end of the book!! If i'm half way through the book i can't put it down i atleast have to finish it!!! Merry christmas, Kelsey  PS: like the funny stories too!!
Hi paul, i am a fan. My favourite books would be the Gizmo books, they were made fantasticly and creative as well.. hope you write back TABATHA
Dear Paul Jennings, Your books are hilarious, they always make us laugh! Kristy and I like the book Tounge-Tied. It's romantic when they kiss all the time, but she had already swallowed the fish. Our teacher Mr. A reads your books to us all the time. We also think the story called Shake was a good one too. Kristy and I were wondering if these books have realated to someones feelings or experiences you wish that you've had. We really enjoyed reading the Cabbage Patch Fibs. It was so funny where they feed all the green babies with the cows milk, we laughed so hard at that. From two big fans, Kristy and Jacqueline
Hi Paul Jennings! I am your biggest fan!!! I love the book Tounge - Tied. Especially the first chapter. The chapter called Shake is really sad and my teacher nearly criedas he read it. Well that is all P.S.I hope you don't fall of your bike.  from Gina
Dear Paul, This is Tho and Julie. We love your books. They're so funny! Julie loves the story you wrote called 'Tongue-tied'and Tho loves the story called 'Shake'. One thing we love about your books is that they are very interesting. Our class 4/5S in St.P**** Primary school have read many of your books. Whenever our teacher Mr. A reads your books they make our class laugh, or even sometiems cry! Tho doesn't like romantic books so for her the story called 'Tongue-tied' is not really the story for her. Julie loves the story 'Shake' because when one of the twin brother died because the car accident, his brother always wanted him to shake his hand even though he is dead. Julie  rates you 10/10.Well, Tho  rates you 10/10 too! For all the authors we have read so far you are best. So,keep up the good work, Paul! From Tho  and Julie 4/5S.
Dear Mr Jennings, We are reading your Tunge Ted book and Cbbage Ptch Fbs. We are curious how you get these inspirations to write your classic tales. All your books you have captured the heart of our class. We are up o when the hillarious loving couple put tounge to tounge running around the street kissing each other.We love your books because they hilarious and heart breaking at the same time. Keep on writing your famous books.  from Ron, Anthony and Dulanaka
Dear Paul. me and my pal Brayden are huge fans of your books. Our favourite book is Cabbage Patch Fibs because we love disgusting things. Our favourite part was when he gets up on the table and pees on the cabbage in class. We wish that We could meet you in person. P.S. your books are the best We rate your books 11 out of 10 Jedd and Brayden
Hi Paul Jennings! I'm really into your books. The fist time I read the story called The Cabbage Patch Fibs it was hilarious!!! What will your next book be called? I hope it's funny! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and your alpachers don't scare Santa.  from Nicole
I absolutely like your book Tongue-Tied because it is soooooooooooooooo funny. We thought Jill didnt like the present but she did, and went to try and find the boy and she tripped and broke the glass, and then they started swapping the fish from mouth to mouth. When they got the guppy to water they confessed, and we found out Jill swallowed the fish ages ago so they were really kissing.I really like your books because they are funny and make me squirm. My rating for you as an author is 10 out of 10.  from Marz
Hi Paul Jennings! I am your biggest fan in Victoria as an athour. I love the book called "Tonged - Tied". Expiacly the first chapter. The other book that i like is the cabbape patch fibs. I love the green baby!!! I hope you make other good books!   from Gina
Hi, as a class we have read some of your books.We have read all the stories in the book Unseen. I espeically like lucky lips and smart ice-cream. We were going to to send you a email as a class but our teacher forgot. I really really really love love love your books.How did you become such a good writer.I hope we read more books in class, :)Lola:)
HI! At school we have been readingthe cbbage patch fibs and the gizmo books. I wasreally upset when my teacer said that we had to read the tale of deaxparaux because I really wanted to read wicked so I went to the library and read the first part slobbers I think that it was a little scary when the slobbers ate the bird and all the big animals but I din't find the second part I'm really excited to find it but. From your number one fan ever!  from Hannah

November 2009

HI PAUL!!!! at my school we are learning about you in library.and we are going to send you a message!also your books are so kool!!!onday i hope to be an author and an illustrator just like you!! from Adeline :)

heyy paul, WOW you are such a great author. i loveeeeeeeeeeee reading all of your books. :) keep up the GREAT work, from victoria PS: i'm your number (#) one (1) fan!!  

dear paul i have lots of your books,from the greens cake mix!!! would i be able to get them autographed. from Sally ps: i love the book WHAT A WOMAN becasue i'm in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   from Sally

hello Paul Jennings you are the best writter in the world I read lots of your books but my favorite is tongue tied from olivia
Hello!!!!! Paul. I have just finished reading uncovered.I loved it and that was my first of your books to read.I have bought uncanny.I have only read uncovered because uncanny hasn't arrived. I will try to get another of your books tommorow at the library at school. Goodbye.  from Connor
Hi Paul your one of my favourite authors. When i grow up i want to be just like you, an author. My favourite books of yours are the whole Un books i Read all of them and my favourites are Pubic Hair and Lucky Lips there funny.Anyway i know you have to write books so i'll say Goodbye for now.And if you have the chance to email me back i would love to hear from you. Yours Sincerly, Dylan. P.S (Are you by any chance freinds or talk to Morris Gleitzman).

October 2009

Hello Mr Jennings, I love reading your books especially the cabbage patch fibs. I am doing my school project on you and i loved reading all the information on your website. i am in grade 3. i cant wait for your new books because i love reading and your books are so much fun, Jessica
Dear Paul I'm your biggest fan. Your books are BRILLIANT!!!! The first book I ever read of yours was the spaghetti pig out it was great! Where do you get such good ideas. When I grow up I want to be a author. Your books are so funny. I can see it happening in my mind. I get such a good image. I really enjoy your books. from Issey Year 5
Dear Paul. I am your biggest fan in the whole entier world.I love your books they are very funny and cool too. They make my whole class laugh and even my family.Also I collect your books. I have got most of your books at home and I think I have read about five of them so far. I can't wait to read the next one. I don't have a favourite I just love all of them but I think The Cabbege Patch Fib that was really funny because when they found the baby in the cabbage patch and it was green and it had a really long nose and also if someone tuotches it.It will go green. From Georgia Year 5
Dear Paul Jenninings. I really like your books infact I am reading one myself.My favourite one was A good tip for ghosts. I have read lots of your books for instance Licked and the strap box flyer. I hope you will carry on your career for the rest of your life from Jack Year 5
Dear Paul Jennings. I like your books especially A good Tip For Ghosts my favourite part of the book was when old man Chompers came out from behind the cars. I can`t wait to read your next book! I have read lots of your books for instance: Sphagetti Pig Out, On The Bottom, A Good tip For Ghosts and Licked. I just have a few questions, Are you going to write any more books? do you have any pets? what is it like in a Austrailia. bye bye p.s. hope you have a nice day. From Ben Year 5.  United Kingcom
I love the Spaghetti Pig Out book because it is so funny. Our teacher has just read 'Griffin's Great Glue'. I really liked this story it is so funny. Chloe Year 5
I love your stories. Our teacher has been reading 'Griffins Great Glue' to us in year5. It was awesome and funny. I would like your autograph if possible, but the UK is long way away isn't it.  from Courtney
To Paul Jennings Your stories are so good that I can't stop reading them. I stay up all night reading them and when I finish one I read another and another. I am always thinking to become an author or a doctor. Many of my friends think I should become an author because I always get good marks in writing my stories. From Monica
I really like your song about SingenPoo.When we nedded to choose a book from the Library,Everr body took Singen Poo!!!Its also funny too!Cant wait till u write new books!  from Asuka
Hi Paul I love your books we have read them in school I go to T***m Juinor School the films are a lot different to your books like "wunderpants" but they are still good but your books are better way better.  From Abbie.  United Kingdom

hi paul your my favourite writer! ive read :uncanny, unbearable, weirdest stories, funniest stories, spookiest stories uncollected volume 2, uncollected volume 1. how many more books do you think you`ll write? what inspired you to write skeleton on the dunny?. if you ever come to c***e ,W.A. please go to the library. sincerly jared

September 2009

Hi Paul, I love all your stories but the story I like the most is smart ice-cream because it is short and funny. What i love most about your stories is that they all have moral to them (at least he ones I read). Also what I realy like is thatthey are all meaningfull. My favourite book that I read is unreal because it is a book with lots of antastic stories like Smartice-crea, Wunderpants, Cow-Dung Custard and the strap box flyer. I hope you write a lot more stories. from Jacob and Daniel

hi paul i am a big fan of your books i have about six or seven of them my favourite books are uncanny unreal and tounge tied i really love spot the dog and tounge-tied because of there so good at catching your attention and want you to read more of the book, i really like spot the dog i still havent found all of the dogs in the painting i can only find the one in the bin full of video's. thx for letting me type to you.  from William

hi paul my name is ethan.   i love your books and i had just finshed come back gizmo i think it is a great book and it is funny. your one of my fav writers. i have read unreal, undone, trickyest stoires, funnyest stories and spookyest storys. ur you going to make anouther gizmo story. what made you want to be a author and want to keep on writing storys. if you get this email please write back. from ethan

Hey paul, i love your books and they have really funny things in it and i hope you make more really cool books and i hope i get the chance to be a writer like you. P.S. how did you get the idea of writing books for people to read. my favorite book is tounge-tied but i still like the rest of them.  from Andrew

To Paul Jennings, This term we have been researching Australian authors. I have chosen to research you because I really liked your book Trickiest Stories. I was wondering how do you know how to make people laugh? Because I really like how you put funny stuff into stories. By the way, what does it feel like to write a book that people do not like? But I don't think you have written many books that people don't like. When you were younger did you have a favourite author, because at the moment you are my favourite author? Also, what was the name of your first book that you wrote? In your series, do you have a favourite story and why do you like it? I was asking that because I really like Trickiest Stories because I think it was really funny. I hope you like this letter Yours sincerely, Alex.

Hi my name is Russell and I like your books. My favorite story would be Sniffex (because it is funny). I like watching "Round the Twist" it is one of my favorite shows because its hilarious , scary, gross and heaps more. I like how your stories are short and fun to read.

Dear Paul Jennings I have really enjoyed your books they are really interesting and i hope you write some more interesting books. I have just read your book Uncovered and really enjoyed the story For Ever. Yours Sincerely Mason

Dear Paul, I love all your stories. I mean, all from the only two books that I've ever read, Uncanny and Unreal!, I got it from my school library and that was about 10 years ago. You are one among the writers that I admire and want to remember. You wrote so many books yet I only ever read 2 of them? No way! I'll save money to buy all of them as my collection someday..perhaps, soon..:) Keep up the great writings and take care always. Malaysia. p/s: Thank God that someone put your books in my school's library.   from Moneriah

hey your books rock i have Deadly all 6 book in one i'm at book 6 the book is so funny i love reding your book you rock.  from Patrick

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