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Sakura Medal Award

Paul has been very pleased to accept the Sakura Medal for 2011.  The Sakura Medal is an award given by international school students across Japan.  The Nest won the Sakura Medal in the High School category.  For more information go to

The Final Rascal

Due for release in stores in April 2011 Rascal's Big Day is the final story in the Rascal the Dragon series.
This much loved character has led us on many adventures and will be a big part of young childrens' literary life for years to come.
      'Rascal has to stay here,' says Dad.
      Rascal doesn't want to miss the big day.
      Can the little dragon get his way?

Rascal Bumps His Head

In shops now is Rascal Bumps his Head, newly illustrated by Bob Lea.

‘Cluck, cluck, cluck.’ Rascal thinks he is a chicken.

Ben is worried. Will Rascal ever be a happy little dragon again?


What do you think of this great new cover illustration?


Rascal and the Bad Smell - New Release

Rascal and the Bad Smell is my latest Rascal release.  Series Editor, Catherine McCredie, really likes this one "... a great new Rascal, sure to give endless delight to children and immature adults alike!"  Here is a page from the book:-

Dad is Dave Hughes???

It was reported in 'The Age' recently that Dad (alias Ben's Dad) in Paul's latest 'Rascal' book 'Rascal Plays Up' looks a lot like Australian comedian Dave Hughes. 
Bob Lea, who illustrates Paul's 'Rascal' books lives tucked away in the UK has never seen Dave Hughes and says the whole thing is a coincidence!!
What do you think??