Upcoming Events - Don't Look Now Book Release

I am very excited to announce the upcoming release of my new series of stories called Don't Look Now, and the following related events:

Wednesday 25th August

   7.30am - ABC Television News Breakfast with Michael Rowland and Virginia Trioli

   3.15pm -  ABC Radio Melbourne Drive with Rafael Epstein

   6.30pm - Dumbo Feather Conversation Series event - **Click here to purchase tickets - on sale now**

Monday 14th October 

   4.30pm - Readings Bookshop, Carlton

School Visit

Mercy Regional College visited Paul's home and office in April this year.  This was a group of design students who came to talk to Paul and the designer of his home.  The excursion was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Open Day

Eight years ago Paul began an indigenous re-vegetation project on the 50 acres of land in Warrnambool where he lives.  He has now joined forces with his neighbour, Brian Peacock and between them they have returned 72 acres of land to nature.  Paul has noticed that since the commencement of the program, there has been an enormous increase in the wildlife.  We are seeing wallabies, an incredible variety of birds and at the moment there is even a resident koala.
Apart from the obvious benefits to the environment, the project has had a wonderful healing and uplifting effect on our spirits.  The project has received financial assitance from Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Australian Government Funding and the Hopkins Point Landcare Group.  The knowledge and experience of Direct Seed Pty Ltd in the actual planting has been invaluable.
An OPEN DAY will be held on Sunday the 20th of March 2011, between 12.00noon and 3.00pm.  All interested parties are welcome to walk through the re-vegetated sites.  Go to the following web link for further information: http://www.ghcma.vic.gov.au/news/article/greening-the-coast

Secretary's Diary

November 2010

Awarded a Fellowship of Monash University for services to the arts and community, Paul looks very smart in his cap and gown.  This is the first year Monash University has made these awards and Paul was honored to be one of those chosen to receive it.  Paul studied at Monash University where he obtained his Bachelor of Education.


October 2010

My name is Fiona and I work four days a week for Paul.  I help him out with his mail, keeping his website up-to-date, all the paperwork sorted and the bills paid.  Paul's latest project is writing some wondeful anecdotes from his childhood and early years.  You can find them on the 'Blogs' page.  These may be published some time in the future.

We have recently moved the office to a wonderful studio at Paul's house.  Here I can do my work while I watch the blue wrens in the garden and, at this time of the year, the storms roll by.  Lately the rabbits have become a bit of a pest, so Paul and Arie have been out baiting them.  Arie is a landscape gardener who has help Paul plant some of the 40,000 native trees on his land.  The vegetable garden is looking very tasty, as it is rabbit proof, and I am looking forward to a pot of soup from it or a summer salad!

I have found some photographs of Paul as a child in the archives which I thought you might enjoy seeing.  I will put on a new one with each update of the 'Secretary's Diary'.

Indigenous Literacy Day Launch

Paul recently attended the Indigenous Literacy Day Launch at Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School.
 He is pictured here with: Back L-R Aaron Davey, Ernie Dingo, Kaz Cooke, Paul Jennings and from Ivanhoe Girls Grammar - Aimee, Tayla, Tiffany, Mardi and Cathryn. 
* Permission for this photo was given by Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar
This exciting, worthwhile event aimed to raise funds to support the development of literacy skills in indigenous communities and to raise awareness within the wider community about the importance of literacy and the need to extend greater opportunites to disadvantaged indigenous communites.  The host of the launch, Ernie Dingo, from The Great Outdoors fame, and ambassador for the Fred Hollows Foundation, started the day in fine style regaling the audience with stories highlighting the importance of reading and also the significant work of Fred Hollows.  Ernie, and special guests, Kaz Cooke, the author of many books including Girl Stuff, Aaron Davey from the Melbourne Football Club and Paul shared their own feelings about the importance of reading to them and their wider communities. 

Upcoming Books

2010 saw the release of three new Rascal stories: Rascal Runs Away, Rascal's Shadow and Rascal and the Bad Smell.
We also released a new look Gizmo bind-up and Deadly came out with a great new cover.
These are all available in stories now or on this website in the new Book Shop to be opened March 2011.
2011 promises to be another exciting year with the following releases.
Also, keep your eyes on the website for news of exciting new books.
February ANOTHER NEW 'Rascal'!!! - 'Rascal Bumps his Head'
April    ANOTHER NEW 'Rascal'!!! - 'Rascal's Big Day'
April Rascal and the Dragon Droppings (larger size) to be released
August Little Rascal to the Rescue (larger size) to be released
April Rascal Plays Up (larger size) to be released
August Rascal Runs Away (larger size) to be released