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 Hi Kids
I love receiving your letters and emails and I promise I'll read them every day.  I will endeavour to answer them as soon as possible, but my first priority is writing more new books for you!!
I have put a lot of information into my website which I hope will answer all the questions you have about me, but if I've missed something please let me know and, if appropriate, I'll place it on the website.

Just remember the good rules for the Internet -
*   Never send your full name over the internet.
*   Never send your home address or phone number 
     over the  internet.
*   Don't send annoying or abusive messages.
*   If you receive an annoying or abusive message,
     don't answer it - tell a grown up.

You can also write to me at:
PO Box 1459
Warrnambool   Vic   3280
Best wishes


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