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Hi Paul My name is Dareen. I am 11 years old. I like your books. I like reading your books. I have your books to read at home. My sister reads your books too. Thank you for making the books. from Dareen

dear Paul Jennings, hello my name is Mabeny i really like your books they are so cool and funny my favourite part is round the twist it is so funny cool in the same time my favourite part was when one of the bullies Vometed in the Spaghitti challenge i hope you enjoy your books i hope you email me back thank you from Mabeny

As I'm watching Round the Twist I want to let you know, along with my friend, that it was well written and you have a great imagination. I'm sure you're part of every Australian childhood. From Theodore

Dear Mr Jennings Hi, my name is Jessica. I am a Grade 4 student in Melbourne, Australia. I am learning about emails so I thought I would write to you. First of all, I love reading and I love your book Weirdest Stories! I can't keep my eyes off of it. It is funny and it is interesting. I also love writing and your work inspires me. I hope you keep being an author and I hope I meet you in the future. I am your BIGGEST FAN!!! Your sincerely, Jessica:]

Dear the one and only Paul jennings. I really liked tongue tied because it's funny and a bit sad. I found it sad because Gavin died in Shake, and Lennie's Mum and Dad died in Lennie's Lighthouse and I found it funny because Lennie's teeth scared the inspector on the train. LOVE Flinders

Dear Paul, I am obsessed with your book Unreal. I really liked it. It grabbed my attention and I am pretty sure it grabbed everyone else's attention. I really hope that you will never stop writing books. I'm excited for your next one so I hope you keep up your hard work. I hope you reply and tell me about you get ideas love from your #1 fan Tasha

Dear Paul Jennings, I am Oli, I am 6, my mum is helping me write this. I love your books, they're really funny. I just worked out the secret code in Tongue-Tied and it was very very hard, even though most of the symbols we didn't have we guessed them. The first story in Tongue-tied was very very funny because of when the girl swallowed her pet fish alive. And all the books I've read so far are really good and funny and awesome (Tongue-tied, Unbelievable, Uncanny, Unseen, Uncovered, Quirky Tales, Unbearable). From Oli

Hi Paul Jennings i love reading your books.My year 2 teacher always use to read me your books. Im in year 6 now and we are doing a reading project, and we have to read your book unbelievable.My favourite story would have to be snookle. I wish i can have a snookle.I hope you can write back to me. From Zeinab :)

we both are twins and we are 9 years old we have two yonger sister that are 7 and 5 years old we love your books paul Jennings we also love reading your really good nice and lovely books that you write you most really really really must pay atattenken on what you are doing.we just love love love love your books. from Emily and Jessica

Hello Paul Jennings I am reading your book Unbelieveable . I really like it . I like how you do all of the different stories . My favourite is Snookle I even made snookle . Out of all of the books I have ever read your book will be my favourite . I don't think you could of done anything better . Great book I can't wait to read another book. from Joanna

Hi Paul I read your book singenpoo's secret weapon it was funny and nice. I am 6 years old I borrowed it from my teacher. I read it to my mum she didn't like the poo picture of major mac I laughed it was so funny. I wish singenpoo was my pet.thank you for writing such a good book from Poppy

Dear Mr Jennings, I am 9 years old and I have all your Rascal books. I love them the best. My favourite character is Ruff-Ruff. My favorite book is Rascal and the Hot Air Balloon because Rascals a hero. Thanks for reading my e-mail. From Corey

HI Paul i love your books they are so imaginative please write more My favourite is TOUNGE TIED, from Ashlan

hi paul jenning i love reading your books my all time favorite is spaghetti pig out can you please make more books for us yours sincerely zaynab

Dear Paul Jennings, I would like to know where you live? As you can see, I am a fan of your stories I absolutely love how you write when you use description. One of my favourite creative stories is Cow Dung Custard. You use so many ideas that I want the to come alive. Jessica

dear paul jennings. hi my name is starlight.I really like your book Unbelievable.My favourite story out of that book is the gum leafe war.The story Lighthouse blues is my favourite story out of the book unreal. from Starlight

Dear Paul Jennings My name is Emily.I love your books.I also think your similes are great.When my teacher reads them to us she thinks that they are great!My favourite bits are the twists at the that I am 10 I get a lot of time to read,but then having a 20 month year old brother is annoying.From a big fan Emily

Dear Paul Jennings I love your books so much. I have the book "Unreal" my uncle gave it to me for my seventh birthday,he told me he loved it when he was a kid too! I am nine years old now. We read your books in class, we also went onto your website and printed out your puzzle sheets. Who was your favourite author when you were a child? I love writing at school its my best subject, did you like writing like me when you were at school? From Aria nz

Hi, my name is Ashlee and I absolutely love reading your books especially the Rascal books. I think that you are an unquestionably astonishing author. your books are intriguing and astonishing!!!! You are my favourite author!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Cat I am 9 years old and I have been reading your books Undone and I am still reading Uncanny. I absolutely adore your book Greensleeves and I like the book Yes or No, it is funny. My class might email you because we are reading your Un books, we love them soo much! Hope you make more of the Un books! Best wishes Cat :)

To Paul Jennings My name is Stephanie. I am at school. I am 5. Mum reads Rascal books to me. I love listening to your books because Rascal gets in trouble. I am trying to read Rascal books by myself. My favourite book is Rascal's Big Day. I wonder if you are going to make any more books. from Stephanie.

Thank you so so so much for signing my book paul Jennings I 've just started reading uncanny! And I'm up to A good tips for ghosts . You have a awsome Imagination love from Taylor .

Dear Paul, Your the best writer I know! I can not get my hands of your books. I've collected all the un series and also I've collected all the Funniest stories, Scariest stories, Weirdest stories and Trickiest stories and the Gizmo series. Paul Jennings I want you to never stop writing! My best friend and I have started a Paul Jennings book club, we go to the library each week and we borrow a Paul Jennings book and just sit down a read and laugh and laugh and laugh! Love from Brooke.


hi paul jennings! i'm your #1 fan! i've been reading your books since i was 7, & my mum used to read your stories to me so that's how i got addicted!i'm in year 9, but i still enjoy reaning my fav stories, such as; skeleton on the dunny, lucky lips,too many rabbits,& so on! both me, & my mum love the way you give sooo much detail in skeleyon on the dunny, especially the part where 'bob' is riding in to the sewerage farm & he's shoked at how the worker sitting iun the middle of the ponds of poo!(lol!)any way gotta go now, but i'll send you another letter expressing my love for your books fan love from; Rivah! :) XD :P @(0.0)@!!!!!

Hi Paul, here is my review of your awesome book, 'The Gizmo'. I'm a year 5 student and I hope you enjoy reading my opinion. This story takes place in a small town where everything's fine, until Stephen is pressured to steal a gizmo. Now's it's paying him back. This wacko, out of this world is a must-read for all ages and is a hit from the fabulous Paul Jennings himself. I'm looking forward to your next book. Matthew

Dear Mr Jennings, Can we tell you what we have researched? We especially liked 'Yes is no' because it got you thinking and it create a class debate. Did she know her Dad was in the house? Did she mean to kill him? We also enjoyed spagetti pig-out and because we all enjoyed it we desided to write are own storys based on that story I hoped you injoyed reading are letter from Sophie and Millie

Dear Paul Jennings (Mr Jennings), I loooooovvvvvvveeeee your books expecilly wonder pants it is very funny!!!!!!!!!!! In fact they are all really funny he he!!! You are my favourite author!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! From Isabelle

Dear mr Jennings, I am a BIG fan of your books I loved yes is no and stap box flyer well I loved all the amazing books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Lara and Kira

Dear paul our class has been reading your books and they are great write now we are readin unbelivieble and it is great and awesome. Kaelan, Caleb and Lachlan

Dear Mr Jennings, My name is Jem. I am a boy and I am 8 years old. I am doing a book project at school. I would really like to tell you how much I enjoyed your books. I have read heaps of them. I love Skeleton on the Dunny. The part I liked best was when the outhouse collapsed on the boy. I am also writing a story about a funny little crab. We live near the beach so I can get lots of ideas for my book. Yours sincerely, Jem

Hi Paul Jennings,my name is Kahlan i'm 11 I live in NZ, I have just read your book The Many Adventures of Singenpoo. It is the most coolest book iv'e ever read. I have seen your letter at the back of the book, i'm sad that your not writing anymore Singenpoo books but that's fine.I love your undercover name it fools everyone I know, but don't worry I won't tell anyone!I'm a bit of a writer to it's fun making up books. I was just wondering were did you get your idea about Singenpoo from. Yours Sincerely Your biggest fan Kahlan

Dear paul, Hi my name is kian and I like your singinpoo books my teacher bethany read it to us and when she read them to us we laughed our heads off. what other books are you going to write? from kian

hallo paul jenning my name is ben. how are going today. I am looking forwed to your new books. I have just finished reading the singenpoo books I laughed my head off on every page. I have started the Gizmo books. many thankes from ben

Hello Paul jennings, My name is Anthony and i live in Queensland. I go to a school in a Town named Mareeba. I am in grade 2. My Teacher has read to us most of your Singenpoo books. We have been laughing our heads off. We love your books.I want to buy all the Singenpoo books. Many Thanks Anthony

Hello Paul, Our Year 2 class just finished reading three of the Singenpoo books. We loved them! We thought they were very funny. We are going to read the Gizmo series next. Keep up the great writing. From 2BK * School Mareeba, QLD.

Hi Paul Jennings, I am a big fan of your books! They are so unbelievablely epic! Our teacher was reading Stuffed to us! I have been reading your books to my little sister she loves them just like me. I can't wait to read more of your books. at the start it is hard to figger out how it ends but then it works perfectly. love SARAH


Paul loves receiving mail from his young fans.  Here are some of their messages.

Paul Jennings I'm your biggest fan. Ive got all of your books and readed them all. your the funniest author. Everytime I open one of your books I laugh my head off. from your biggest Natasha

Hi Paul Jennings I'm Elizabeth, I am Korean, I am a girl and a student in *** in China. Did you know that your book had published in china??!! We loves your book and I like your Pau Jennings Spookiest Story!! The could scare some people but not me the book didn't scare me and I Like it!! and I also like the dragons ( I don't remember the book name ) Can you write more spooky stories please???!!! please send me back Thanks For Reading Best Regards Elizabeth K***

Hi Paul, I havn't read al your books bt a few they are great books to read and you are a great orther. Kindregards Tess

Hi Paul Jennings My name is Michael and I enjoy reading ALL your books about Rascal. My favourite story is Rascal at the show. I'm wondering if you are going to make a new Rascal book. I have an idea what the title could be called. It could be called Rascal and the big green dragon. At school my teacher Miss Foll*** loves to read us books.She reads Rascal stories to us.We can take them home to read. Thank you for reading my email. from Michael and I am 7 years old.

Dear Paul Jennings, my favourite book is Funniest stories. My Favourite chapter is when the boy kisses Fay's mum. one day I will write stores like you. Thankyou and good luck. Alina

dear paul yesterday i came back from Warnambool where i got to meet you i would just like to thank you for letting my school come (C**m). Thank you for signing my books. when i was on the train back to melbourne i was thinking about the question i asked you about how do you twist your story around so as i said i was on the train thinking about what you said and i had some ideas about a story i am thinking of trying to write. i was really inspired when you were talking about how you sent your first book to the womens weekly a they did'nt put it in and you gave up but then you started again and look at you now ! people look up to you thank you very much for letting my year come to your house from gabrielle

Dear Paul, We are reading Wicked number 3 at the moment. It is extremely weird. We really like it. Happy Book Week. Manu (5) and Ollie (7)

hi paul, i am a HUGE fan of you and your books. i have read all of your books, and i cant go to sleep without reading one story. as i have read all of your books, i am getting oustanding grades in my reports because i use many phrases and sentences in it. my whole family cracks up laughing when they hear your stories. my favorite book is uncollected. all the best, aya

Hi paul my name is olivia l am a big fan of your books and have not complained about any of them they are interesting and are the only books l read l have all of your books and are just letting you no l am a big fan thanks for everything paul, from Olivia

Dear Paul Your best books by far are the UN books. Can you please write some more? from Isaac

you are awesome the last book i read was spookiest , funniest and weirdest stories i love you . i ve never read a book that wasn't written by you. please send a reply sincerely scarlet

Dear Mr Jennings, Hi Paul my name is Ayden and I really in joy your book and my brother kyce love your books he has all your books. He's favourite book is the many adventurers of singen poo and my favourite book is unreal I love your work in your books but your my #1 favourite author and my brother really wants to meet you. In reading groups where reading unbelievable I really in joy that book my favourite chapter in unbelievable is the gumleaf war. You're a funny author and a great author I will in joy your next book. From Ayden

Dear Paul, Hi. I am a huge fan of your books!! I have only read one but not finished yet. I LOVE QUIRKY TAILS SO FAR IT IS SO GOOD!!!! I am thoroughly enjoying it. Please write back to me soon!! Makayla

Dear Mr Jenning we are writing to you because we think your books rock!!! My favourite story is Yuggls because it is cool and funny!!!How do you come up with all these ideas love from Summar,Rory and Tara

Dear Paul, Wow! I can't believe I'm emailing my absolute FAVOURITE author in the whole world! You are such an inspiration to me and I hope that to, one day, I become a famous writer like you! I have read ALL of your books from The Gizmo to the whole Un Series! Your creativity is mind-boggling and imagination is astonishing! Every time I read one of your books/stories I am amazed of what you think of and the tricks and twists you put in, even if I've already read the story 100 times! After cracking the code in the back of your brilliant book, Tongue-Tied, I have been meaning to tell you MY favourite story! I enjoy and LOVE all of your stories but my absolute favourite is No is Yes. I love the twist at the end and how it is so unexpected and well, plainly, FANTASMAGORICAL! Thank you soooooooo much for taking the time to read this, it means a lot to me! Make sure you keep writing your marvellous books so all your fans (like me) can keep being bewildered by your extraordinary creativity! From Paris :) PS. It would mean the world to me if you replied!

Dear Paul I like your books.I like unreal because it's got Smart ice cream,Without a shirt,Light house blues and Wonder paints.From Madelyn. keep up the good work, i look forward to reading future books :)

Dear Mr Paul Jennings, My name's Aidan,I'm 10 turning 11 and living in Adelaide. You wrote in my book Tongue-Tied which was my Christmas present. As you know, I am currently writing a book which a bit similar to your genre and you have inspired me to write. I love your stories. I was watching round the twist and finding out that lots of your short stories were on there. That is how I basically started reading books. From Aidan

Hi you are one of my favourite writers. I have read lots of your books. My favourite book is the collection of sigenpoo.  all your books are great from leroy please send me back a message :)

Hi Paul Jennings I love your books and I love the GIZMO. They are FUNNY and GROSS! Our teacher loves your books as well. Nyah

Hi Paul I love your books one day I want to write books like you. Ryley

hello Paul I love your books even cabbage patch fibs its so cool!!. Also the gizmo,the gizmo again and sink the gizmo they are so cool as well. By the way my name is Meg and I go to s** school and I'm in grade 3. My teacher has been reading your books and she loves them as well and she says that most of the gizmo books are gross and that they are very funny. from meg :):):):):):):):):):):

Dear Mr Paul Jennings my whole class loves your books because my teacher has been reading the gizmo and the gizmo again they are funny disgusting awesome and cool from Charlotte

hi paul I have alot of fun reading your books at school they are so good right now i am reading the paw thing. it would be great if you could visit us FROM LEROY

Dear Paul Jennings hi my name is Lakota i am 10 years old and i really like your books.our teacher reads us a story from your books every day and i think that they are really funny.You are a great author and your books are awesome. From lakota 

Your books are really funny . we are reading the paw thing at the moment it is super funny bye.  from Angus

Hi Paul, I'm Georgia and I really enjoy reading/., books.this term for oral reading at school we are reading a really funny book of yours called "The Paw Paul Jennings". We are up to the 7th chapter.So far my favourite bit is when singnpoo gets his name and the song thats on the mini radio he swallowed (please realese me pleasse let me go). Its really funny! Some time when your free could you please come and visit St Therese school West Wollongong Pow street? pleeeease If so thankyou soooo much Paul bye know be safe GEORGIA

Your books are really funny at the moment were reading the paw thing. you are really cool from sebastian

Hi Paul Jenning's I love your books the great I really Enjoy reading them.Gotta Go.Bye Paul Jennings! from Haylee

Hi Mr Jennings or Paul I am an absolute fan of all your books esecially uncovered. I like the bunny rabbit story in it. I am 9 and a boy turning ten in April . I am from W** Public school. I also loove the cow dung custard storie. CDC!!!!! I do not have the books but borrow them from the library or school. From your biggest fan Raghav

Hello Paul Jennings I love your books your books are so intresting and i was reading a book of yours a few nights ago and my mum said that my dinner was ready and I couldnt put the book down because it was too intresting and I was trying to eat my food fast because I wanted to keep reading the book and see what happens to him (The Charecter in the book)One day I was in the school libary with the class and I went down to the Paul Jenning's section where all your books are and every-one was pushing and shoving to get a Paul Jenning's book but I manged to get one. Thank you for letting me to talk to you.You are very kind. From Haylee im in grade 6. Best wishes.

Hi Paul Jennings, my class and teachers just LOVE your books SO much!!! We read one of your books EACH DAY!!! Its a shame you can't cone visiat schools or classes, because we would really appreciate it!!! I think my favourite books so far would have to be... I cant remember what it is called but its about a fish and a boy and a girl, and the boy wanted to kiss the girl, so he got her a present and then the fish was going in and out of their mouths when they were just kissing. I hope I grow up to be a great author like you!!! I have bewn writing short stories and narratives since I was in year two, I am now in year 6.  Thanks for taking your precious time to read this letter Paul, Please reply soon. :)

November 2011

Dear Paul Jennings, My name is Grace.I am 12 and I love all your books.I am trying to write a book like yours(but different,of course).I want it to be quite funny but scary as well.I don't really care about being famous at all but i want people to like my book.Do you have lots of friends? I wish you were my friend but i think you would be way way to busy.At our local OP shop i always look for your books and if i find one it makes my day.I really like the one called Super Diary.Thank you for reading my letter -grace P.S I wrote a letter two years ago to Terry Denton he will never write back. i Hope you do :) 
Hello Mr Jennings, I am a student in India and have since when longing to meet you. I am a big fan of you and so is my english teacher. She has read almost all your books. I love all your books as they are as usual fun and funny and have amazing twists at the end. In school we are reading your book which is called 'Unreal'. It's an amazing book! Please Mr.Jennings please come to visit India. Thank you and hope to meet you soon after this email :) from Muskan

Hi Paul, Its really weird knowing that your talking to your most favorite author in the WORLD!! I love your books and i hope that you make another Rascal the dragon, maybe trying out for a dragon game like water drogo or something? I LUV R BOOKS! BEST WISHES. Lauren....
hello my name is tara i love your books i wish you would write another books im im love with them i would love to meet you but i know i cant.  From Tara

Dear Mr. Jennings I have just finished reading the "The Pawthing-Singpoo strikes again. Singpoo shoots through and Singpoo's secret weapon. I loved the four stories and I LOVED the illustrations. My favourite part was when SIngpoo had to wear glasses. (In Singpoo strikes again) In the book that I just finished, I thought it was hilarious when all those shapes and sizes landed on Major Mac. Thanks for doing such a good job. From Patrick!

October 2011

Dear Paul the best story writer. I am a big fan of your books. I love what you put in them they are understanderble and realy interesting. Our teacher reads them to us everyday. It is so fantastic I really really love all your books. They are like my best books ever in the whole world .And I'm going to ask my parents to buy all of them for me and so I can read some everyday you are the best book writer ever . IM A BIG FAN OF YOU AND YOUR BOOK YOU ARE YOUR BOOKS ARE GREAT!!!!!!!! Jade
Dear Paul Jennings, I love your books.and my favorite stories are Cow dung custard, Skeleton on the dunny and the Copy.I think you have a great imagination and my teacher Mr.Elliot does too. My teacher reads loads of your books to us and I read some at home as well. Oliver
Dear Paul ive heard some of your stories. They are fantastic and im looking forward to reading more of your books and hope they will be great to. I was wondering how you get all those fantastic ideas from because they they are brilliant. My favourite book was skeleton on the dunny and it's very interesting how the ghost shows where the painting is and i love your ending in the storie because it's all ways is a happpy one. It's strange because each storie i have been reading about you always has a ghost in. Hope you have a nice year from Alice
Hello Mr Jennings Im in a year 5 class and weve been your reading your fantastic stories!!!!!.I lovvvve all your books and I cant wait for you to bring out another book. You are my favourite author and im sooooooo glad that my teacher read them to me! My favourite stories by you are Cow Dung Custard, Wonder Pants, Skeleton on the Dunny and Unreal. from Evie
Hello I love your story's we are reading them at school.I love reading them.I always read your are my best author. Good luck for your new books 
Dear Paul, I love your books very much.I really like unreal. we have got a poem for you. its called cocker spainel. We went to get a cocker spainel in the pet shop I was so excited I ran and hurt my ankle and had to hop. we just got the puppy out of the pet shop. we let her out she ran across the road and made a car stop. The person who caught him was a angry cop. When we got her home we decided her name is Daisy. Then we chucked the ball she did not move because shes so lazy. Hope you like It so far best whishes on your books love olivia and hollie  
Hi paul i really enjoy reading your books,my favourite book is Spookiest Stories,i really like your books because they are funny and enjoyable to read when are you releasing your new book and what is it called i hope you can get back to me love from mitch

September 2011

Hello. I've love all your books so far. My 1st favourite is Trickeist Stories, 2nd is The Paw Thing, 3rd is The Gizmo.I want to read all of your funny, wicked, awsome and cool books.I'm in year 3.I have a cat, bird and frog.I have two annoying brothers which think there funny.I wonder what your favourite book is.My favourite animal is a Cheater.My favourite colour is red.My favourite Holiday was when we went to Queensland. Love From Courtney
Dear Paul Jennings, I love all your stories.My favourite is Sloppy Jalopy.My 2nd favourite is Pink Bow Tie. from Alfie
Dear Paul Jennings, I really like your books because they are really funny. My favourite is Trickiest stories. The best story that I like is Sloppy Jalopy. I hope you write some more. From Emma
Dear Paul, I love you and your stories. They are really funny. One of my favourites is the the Velvet Throne in the Spookiest Stories book. My teacher reads one of your stories each week and on Fridays if it has a video we watch it. From Isobel
Dear Paul Jennings, I've read most of your books that I've heard of.I really liked Trickiest stories because it is the best one of your books. Lachlan
Dear Paul, I love your books.My favourite book is Trickiest stories.Undone is cool too.From Reilly
Dear Paul Jennings I LOOOOOOOOVE your stories especially Quirky tales and Rascal.My favourite Round the Twist is Sloppy Jalopy.P.S Funniest Stories is soooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Travis Grade3

August 2011

Hello Paul Jennings. My name is James and I am a grade one student at the A*** school. I want to thank you for letting us come to your house for a visit. I enjoyed myself very much. My most favorite thing of all is your series of rascal books. i bought the second set of six books at your place so now i have the first 12 of them and you signed them all for me when i was there. Thanks alot. the rascal books are my most favorite books i have ever read. most of the readers at school are a bit boring. Mum said i could write to santa and ask him if he could get me the next rascal book that i do not have so i hope he can find where you live. I wish i had found the secret door in your house but i did not find it. Thank you for reading us a rascal story. I loved it. From your friend James.
Hi paul i love all your books i have read Spookiest Stories, Funniest Stories, Weirdest Stories and loads more. I go to C*n Primary School in SA.I am 9 years old. From Izzy xxx P.S keep writing

July 2011

Dear Paul, i'd like to say that you have alot of wonderful books can you make another book a.s.a.p and bye for now sincerly crystal
Dear Paul Jennings, I like all your books that you have written. My most favourite book is Rascal and the Dragon Droppings and the Gizmo books, because they have funny words in it. From Anna (Grade 2) C** P** PS
Dear Paul Jennings, I like your books, they are funny and your books make me laugh. My favourite book is Tongue Tied because it makes me laugh so much. I like Tongue Tied because 1 of the characters had a fish in his mouth so it made me laugh alot. From Rory (Grade 2) C** P** PS
Dear Paul Jennings, I like your books because they are funny and creative. My favourite book is Rascal's Trick.  I like the book Rascal's Trick because you drew funny pictures and they make me laugh. I want you to write more Rascal books so that I can improve on my reading. It helps me improve on my reading because I can predict more things. From Kylie (Grade 2) C** P** PS
Dear Paul Jennings I like you your books and you make me laugh. I have made a 2 page book about my family going for a trip to Sydney. In my family I have 1 brother and 1 dad and 1 mum. Eating cats is gross and a penguin . I would like to read the rest of the book called HOW HEDLEY DID A DEAR ROBBED A GRAVE MADE A NEW FRIEND WHO MIGHT NOT HAVE REALLY BEEN THERE AT ALL, AND WHILE HE WAS AT IT COMMITTED A TERRIBLE SIN WHICH EVERYONE WAS DOING EVEN THOUGH HE DIDN'T KNOW IT. By you. Is it fun to right books for children and teens? I 'am nearly a teenager. I like to ride bmx's and scooters. My favourite food is lemonade scones with milo. I like to walking on the sand when my feet sink in the sand. From Mitchell
dear paul jennings my teacher and i always read your books. some of my favourites are..... unbelieveable funniest stories rascal i have also read more but those are my faves. i know you are also the scriptwriter of round the twist( i think)because you are my teacher, mr pryde's fave author too. and he always lets us watch round the twist.(because he loved it when he was a kid)(he's got all the episodes)i have noticed that most of the short stories you wrote are based on the show. when i asked my teacher about it he said it's beacause your the scriptwriter. i love your books please write more love shay
Hey Paul, I am a HUGGE fan of your books, and I have read them all, I have found them very interesting and even more funny. I just cant imagine how funny you must be in real life. I am 11 years old. (turning 12 soon)and one day I wish I could see you in person to see how funny you are! :-) I hope to hear from you soon. From Kyle. :-)

June 2011

Dear Paul Jennings Hello, I'm Brittney and I am ll turning 12. I am doing an author study this term. I am reading 'Unbelievable' in class. I have read your books and can't stop until I'm finished. I like how in every chapter there is always a surprise. I chose to study you because I like your writing and how every thing is an imaginary thing. You inspire people to be themselves. Thank you and good bye Paul. From Brittney.
To Paul Jennings I was researching you and I love to read your books.My name is Jamie I am 12 years old.I am a boy. In reading groups we are doing Unbelievable.It is very good to read. I would like to know if you are writing anymore books and I have bought many of your books.I would like to buy all your books but I am not allowed. Yours sincerely Jamie
Hi Paul my name is Jules. We have been reading your amazing stories. My favourite one is The Busker.It is awesome and funny.Tiny saves The Buskers life and dies.I love your stories they are very amusing,funny and awesome.I would one day like to meet you.
To Paul Jennings! I think your stories are brilliant.I like the Busker best.I see the Busker as a 18 yearold boy and Tiny as a chinahaha.  yours sincerely Clara!
Hi Paul I love your stories they're funny and gruesome and they're always have a funny twist at the end.My favourite chracter is Snookle with his invisable body. from Fred
Hi Paul, My name is Lola and I'm eight. In my literacy set we have been reading your stories. My favourite story was the one about the busker but it was sad when Tiny died. I knew it was a good story because it painted good pictures in my mind. It felt like I was captured inside the book and did not want my teacher to put the book down the book.From Lola
To MR.Jennings Me and my class have been reading your books, I love them all especially the Busker because it paints pictures in my mind and you don't want to stop reading, they're also intresting and freaky.I like the way all seems lost but sudenly he gets lifted out of the well.Even though my favrite book is the Busker my favourite character is the fox from Grandads Gift in Unbearable. from Finley 
To Paul Jennings I really like your stories.I only came across them a few weeks ago when we stated reading your books in class.I like them because they are inspiring and when our teacher says we can finish the story later, we all say read some more!!It would be really good if you could tell me how you get your ideas because they are so funny and they are good ideas and you never want to stop reading them ! From Ruby
Dear Paul, I was not very much of a reader before i came across your book Round the twist in my school library. I read the first chapter at lunch and i kept coming back to the library day after day, lunch after lunch until i finished it. At school my library teacher set us up a task to choose an author and do a author study i chose you because i loved reading your book. I love that to get all the answers i need i only have to go to one website to find all of the information One of the Questions was what was the authors hobby and i found that you enjoy "The Caves" and writing Sincerley Taryn T
Hi paul I really like your books.I think they are exciting,funny,weird and sometimes bittersweet.I don't have a favourite because they are all brilliant.We are reading your books in class.We have read about four stories now. From Esme
Dear Paul Jennings, I am so happy that I can write to you! i do have a couple of questions. I am in year 5. How are you? I am good. I am really inspired by your books. I really enjoy reading them. Especially the Un- series. Your my favourite author. I used to hate writing stories. But because I saw your books I started reading and gettting inspired. So now I enjoy and am good at writing stories. Sorry if there is a lot here!  Thanks, Anonymous 

Rascal Puppets

It is always a pleasure to photos, drawings and artwork from children and students who are enjoying my stories.  Here are some fantastic Rascal paper mache puppets created by the children at Warrnambool East Primary School.

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