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Paperback - 168 pages

ISBN:   9780140370997

Size:   13cm x 20cm

Publication Date:   June 1994

Recommended Reading Age:   9-13

RRP:  $14.95


  He ran back to his truck. Then he drove to Flyinty’s house as fast as he could. The Strap-Box Flyer was ready. There would just be time for a quick tryout and then he would have to leave town.
  Flinty put the Strap-Box Flyer onto Giffen’s arm. ‘Now,’ he said. ‘All you have to do is to think of where you would like to fly to.’
  Giffen thought that he would like to fly over to his truck. It worked. He went gently flying through the air and landed on the roof of his truck. Flinty floated over and joined him. ‘Great,’ said Giffen. ‘Really great. How high can we go with these things?’
   ‘As high as you like,’ said Flinty. ‘As high as you like.’


Unreal! was Paul's first published book that achieved major success having now sold over 600,000 copies.  It is Paul's all time best seller and features the classic stories:

  • Without a Shirt
  • The Strap Box Flyer
  • Skeleton on the Dunny
  • Lucky Lips
  • Cow Dung Custard
  • Lighthouse Blues
  • Smart Ice Cream
  • Wunderpants

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