Quirky Tails!


 'I've never seen anything like it before,' said the hypnotist. 'You say he had a perfectly normal mouth yesterday?'

'Yes,' said Mrs White, looking at the tiny hole in the middle of her son's face. 'A perfectly ordinary mouth just like anyone else. Now look at it. It's so small there is only just enough room to poke in one pea at a time. The only food he can get into his mouth is soup sucked up through a straw. He can't talk, he can't stick out his tongue and he can't eat.'

A squeaky, gobbling noise came out of Sean's little mouth hole.

'What did he say?' asked the hypnotist.

'He said he can't kiss either. He won't be able to kiss his girlfriend.'

Including the quirky tales:

  • Sneeze 'n Coffin
  • Santa Claws
  • A Dozen Bloomin' Roses
  • Tonsil Eye 'Tis
  • Unhappily Ever After
  • Spooks Incorporated
  • The Copy
  • Stuffed
  • No is Yes
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