How Hedley Hopkins Did A Dare...10% Discount

Paperback, 218 pages
ISBN:       9780141306117
Size:        13cm x 20cm
Publication Date:   30/05/2005
RRP: $16.95     NOW:  $15.25
A short listed book by The Children's Book Council of Australia
Hedley Hopkins has a few problems: he is the new kid at school, straight off the boat from England in the 1950s.
The only friends he has made are the kids at the Loony Bin especially bald headed, long armed Victor. But if he could just fulfil a dare and dig out the hideous skull hidden in a grave in the sand dunes, he could impress the bullies at school and become their friend.
But Hedley is not so sure. Weird things are happening to his body. Is he being punished for his terrible actions? And if his uptight parents ever found out what he was up to, they might blow up.
Full-moon murderers, an open grave, religious conversions and sexual awakening meld sometimes poignantly, sometimes hilariously in this riveting, stunningly original account of growing up in 1950s Australia.
Readers of 11+ will love this coming-of-age tale by Paul Jennings at his very best!
Hedley’s unique story is the story of every boy, for every boy.
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