Spooner or Later - Including postage



Hardcover, 34 pages

ISBN:       0670837458

Size:        26cm x 34cm

Publication Date:   15/09/1992
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  By Paul Jennings, Ted Greenwood and Terry Denton

Paul has had a clean out of his archives and guess what he has found.

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“Here’s your chance to join
Jaul Pennings, Gred Teenwood, and
Derry Tenton on a wacky hunt for the
 Reverend Spooner’s watched birds
(whoops, sorry, we mean botched words).

it’s largely loopy,
a touch over the top and
quite capable of driving you crazy.
but for those of you who like a laugh,
a surprise or a challenge,
Spooner or Later is the
world’s weirdest word book.

What you get:

Rude shocks, Funky chases
and Lots of yuck.”

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