The Fantastic and Amazing Gizmo - no pictures!!

Paperback, 216 pages
No Illustrations
ISBN:       9780143304876
Size:        13cm x 20cm
Publication Date:   1/03/2010
RRP: $19.95     NOW:  $17.95

From the magic pen of Paul Jennings, featuring the fantastic and amazing gizmo, four complete stories in one book.
New release version for kids who no longer need pictures!!!
Stephen's bra is starting to slip. His pantyhose are sagging. His knickers keep falling down. Oh, the shame of it.
The Gizmo
The girl sucks Jack's eye. Her tongue is huge and spongy and dribbly. The tip of it goes up one nostril.
The Gizmo Again
The dog sniffs Jimmy's legs. Jimmy sniffs the dog's legs. The dog sniffs Jimmy's bottom. Jimmy sniffs . . . aaargh. Horrible, horrible, horrible. It's a dog's life for Jimmy when the gizmo gets really gross.
Come Back Gizmo
Cal and Ricky both stare at the one-eyed seagull.
'You wanted food,' Ricky whispers. 'There it is.'
'A seagull? You'd eat a seagull?'

'I'd eat anything,' says Ricky. 'Anything.'When Ricky and Cal wag school, they bite off more than they can chew.
Sink the Gizmo