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 A lot of kids have nicknames. Like Mouse, or Bluey, or Freckles. Those sort of nicknames are okay. My nickname was the Cow Dung Kid. Can you imagine that? The Cow Dung Kid. What a name to get stuck with.

It was all my father's fault. Him and his vegtable garden.

Don't get me wrong, though. Dad was a good bloke. A real good bloke. He brought me up all on his own. I didn't have a mother so he can take all the credit for the way I turned out.

Dad loved to grow vegetables. His vegetable garden was his pride and joy. Every year he went into a competition. He always won lots of prizes for the biggest pumkins and the juiciest tomatoes. He grew the biggest and best vegies in the whole town.

The whole yard was filled up with vegetables. He had long rows of them. Every row had a little sign at the end. On each sign was the name of the vegetable that was growing. And the batch number. This batch number told which type of manure he had used.

Batch twenty-four meant three shovels of cow dung and one shovel of horse droppings. Batch fourteen was two shovels of horse droppings, one shovel of sheep droppings and three shovels of pig droppings.

Dad had every type of manure that you could think of.

He had duck and goose. He had kangaroo and wombat. He had bat and emu. He even had snake dropings.

And guess who had to help him collect it. You are not wrong.

It was me.

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  • Lucky Lips
  • Cow Dung Custard
  • Lighthouse Blues
  • Smart Ice Cream
  • Wunderpants
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