Spookiest Stories - Vietnamese

Paul's books have been translated into 18 languages.
A limited number of these books are available here in Australia through Paul's Book Shop.
There are THREE ONLY copies of Spookiest Stories translated into the Vietnamese language available.

This special anthology boasts twenty of Paul's spookiest, fun-filled yarns, hand picked by Paul himself from his 'UN' collection, which also appear on this page.
Prepare yourself for a spine-tingling reading experience!
  • Without a Shirt
  • Skeleton on the Dunny
  • Lighthouse Blues
  • Inside Out
  • Birdscrap
  • A Dozen Bloomin' Roses
  • Spooks Incorporated
  • Know All
  • Grandad's Gifts
  • Listen Ear
  • Shadows
  • A Good Tip for Ghosts
  • The Copy
  • Sneeze 'n Coffin
  • Batty
  • The Velvet Throne
  • Stuffed
  • Seeshell
  • Mobile
  • The Naked Ghost
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