Come Back Gizmo and Sink the Gizmo - French

Paul's books have been translated into 18 languages.
A limited number of these books are available here in Australia through Paul's Book Shop.
This book contains two of the popular Gizmo stories - Come Back Gizmo and Sink the Gizmo.
There are THREE ONLY copies of this book translated into the French language available.
The dog sniffs Jimmy's legs.
Jimmy sniffs the dog's legs.
The dog sniffs Jimmy's bottom.
Jimmy sniffs... aaargh.
Horrible, horrible, horrible

It's a dog's life for Jimmy
When the gizmo gets really cross.

A third gizmo yarn from Australia's master of madness

Cal and Ricky both stare at the one eyed seagull.
'You wanted food,' Ricky whispers.
'There it is.'
'A seagull? You'd eat a seagull?'
'I'd eat anything,' says Cal. 'Anything.'

When Ricky and Cal wag school they bite off more than they can chew.

The gizmo has been up to it's old tricks, the fourth in the series.

It features another great cover by Keith McEwan The only bad news is it's the very last gizmo story.
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