More Little Rascals - Special Price (Boxed Set)

Excellent value.  The last six books in the Rascal series for $29.95. 
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Six Paperbacks, 32 pages each
ISBN:       9780143306436
Size:        11cm x 18cm (x 2cm deep)
Publication Date:   3/10/2011
Books 13 - 18 in the Rascal the Dragon Series
Paul will autograph / inscribe the first book in the box set.
Please note that these six books are pre-wrapped.  If you would like a book to be signed by Paul, we will have to open the seal.  
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Join Rascal the dragon and his friends in the first six adventures that started the Rascal phenomenon!
  • Rascal Plays Up
  • Rascal Runs Away
  • Rascal's Shadow
  • Rascal and the Bad Smell
  • Rascal Bumps His Head
  • Rascal's Big Day 
Read a Rascal story to your children and before long they'll read it to you.
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