Don't Look Now - All 4 Special

This is a special offer of all four Don't Look Now at a 10% discount for the books and a combined postage price. 
Don't Look Now will have readers laughing out loud at Ricky and his hilarious adventures - on and off the ground.
Ricky is an ordinary boy, who dreams of being famous.  And he has a secret that might just help him realise this dream.  Because Ricky can fly.  Truly.  He can really fly.  But there's a hitch.  He can only fly when absolutely no one is looking.  If a person, an animal or a bird sees him while he's flying, he will fall out of the sky and almost certainly die.  But Ricky is desperate. Will he risk flying in public, just for a shot at fame?
Don't Look Now Book 1
Story 1 - Falling For It
Story 2 - The Kangapoo Key Ring
Don't Look Now Book 2
Story 3 - A Magician Never Tells
Story 4 - Elephant Bones
Don't Look Now Book 3
Story 5 - Hair Cut
Story 6 - Just a Nibble
Don't Look Now Book 4
Story 7 - Hobby Farm
Story 8 - Seeing Red
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