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Publication Date:   June 1994

Recommended Reading Age:   9-13


  'What are these little black balls?' said Mum in a loud voice.
She was standing there holding a pair of my jeans in one hand and the little black balls in the other. I wasn't sure what to say. She wasn't going to like it. Mum usually checks the pockets before she puts my jeans in the wash. I should have emptied them. But I forgot. Now the jeans were all stained. "Well......' I began.
'Come on, Sally' said Mum. She thrust the little black balls under my nose. 'Out with it'.
I just looked at my toes for a bit. Then I took a deep breath. It was no good stalling. 'goat poo,' I said.
'Goat poo,' shrieked Mum. She threw the droppings on the floor and scrubbed at her hands with a towel. Then she turned on me with flaming eyes. I could tell that she was just about to do something silly. Like ground me for a month. Or stop my pocket money.
'I can explain,' I said. 'You won't be mad when I tell you what happened. Just give me a chance.' I took another deep breath and launched into my explanation.


Unbearable! is the second 'Un' book to be published in a ten book series of short stories by Paul Jennings.  It features the much loved stories:

  • Licked
  • Little Black Balls
  • Only Gilt
  • Next Time Around
  • Nails
  • Yuggles
  • Grandad's Gifts
  • Smelly Feet

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