Unreal! The Ultimate Collection

Paperback, 432 pages
ISBN:       9780670079254
Size:        15.2cm x 23.4cm
Publication Date:   18/11/2015
RRP:   $24.99
The Paul Jennings phenomenon began with the publication of Unreal! in 1985.  Thirty years and nine million books later, young readers all around the world continue to devour his stories.

In this special volume, Paul has personally selected 30 tales from his entire collection to mark the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his first book.

You'll find a girl made of ice, a dog who digs holes in the cemetery, a see-through boy, magic lipstick, a haunted toilet, a lie detector at school, two musical spirits who try to save a lighthouse - and lots, lots more.

Unbelievable, unmentionable and uncanny, these classic stories will surprise you, leave you tongue tied, spook you, make you cry and have you laughing out loud.