Short review of Unbearable taken from Magpies - September 1990

The first offering by Australian writer Jennings available in this country is an entertaining assortment of short stories some scary, some funny, some just plain gross each told by a young male protagonist.
On the scarier side are "Skeleton on the Dummy" and "Lighthouse Blues," the latter about two deceased lighthouse keepers who play a spooky serenade to chase away newcomers.
The comic "Wunderpants" combines scenes from every boy's greatest fantasy and worst nightmare: David's magic underwear helps him triumph over the school jock, but then his pants begin to shrink, and he finds himself at school stark naked.
Jennings' "Cow Dung Custard" falls into the "gross" category it is the story of a father's experimentation with different kinds of fertiliser, one of which attracts every fly in the country and leaves the neighbours armpit deep in dead bugs. Jennings has a good sense of what boys want to read, and these stories are sure to be popular.
Randy Meyer

Taken from the US "Booklist", August 1991 Edition