Short review of Unbelievable from the Melbourne Herald on the 30th October 1986.

There's a certain sort of child who just can't resist crazy stories, spooky happenings or madcap humour and Unbelievable! has certainly got all of that!

The first book in the series, Unreal!, was a great success and Unbelievable! follows on in the same vein with stories such as: Why the punk ghost can't pass his exam, where Superman gets his strength, and how a dead seagull made two little girls rich.

They will certainly appeal to the macabre, the oddball, and the off-beat sense of humour which lurks strongly in many children (and adults!) and isn't catered for in children's books.

Stories like these can sometimes be just crazy enough to keep a child's interest going where other books fail. They are also shorter and less demanding then novels, which makes them an interesting alternative for reluctant or bored readers.

This extract was taken from the Melbourne Herald on 30/10/86.