Review of Uncanny taken from the July 1989 edition of Magpies

Paul Jennings fans will be pleased to discover that his latest collection of unusual tales includes the comic, the fantastic and the macabre.
Ghost stories include a haunted rubbish tip, a bewitched set of circus costumes and an unhappy ghost who tortures his victims by tickling them.
Gadgets and humour are common threads in four stories. These feature a dog-tossing boomgate, a mousetrap to catch the unwary human and a remote control that works best when aimed at people.
Of the nine tales, two stand out: On the Bottom involves a desperate sea rescue instigated by a tattooed finger found in the belly of a shark; Frozen Stiff depicts the struggles of four lonely inner-city inhabitants (two old men, a boy and a cow) who come into conflict with each other.

Uncanny is equal to its predecessors, and, as with these, readers are likely to find a favourite tale.

Reprinted from Magpies Number 3, July 1989