Review written by Jackie Hammerton for the Sun, April 16 1988, about Quirky Tails.
Tales of bizarre oddities

Quirky Tails, the book is called and that's an understatement.

The collection of nine short stories by Paul Jennings is a mixture of the spooky, the oddball and the madly bizarre.

Through the stories are threads of a weird imagination, tempered with a dash of the comical and wistful.

Many of the ideas might be drawn from old fables, but Jennings gives them a modern appeal and the twists and conclusions still come as a surprise.

The stories are well constructed and result in a climax more often then a moral.

Tonsil Eye 'Tis has to be one of the wackiest ideas for a story.

Our hero's girlfriend gives him a garden gnome, which he hates. He is smashing up the gnome when he finds it has a tiny face inside its mouth. The little face flees the mayhem and takes up residence on our hero's tonsils. He can see it because he grows an eye on his index finger and can put it down his throat to look.

"I know I can't tell Tara. She won't like the little face on my tonsils. She certainly won't like my extra eye. Once she wouldn't go out with me because I had a pimple on my ear. If I tell her the truth she will drop me like a brick."

The story winds along in its weird and wonderful way, reaching, strangely enough, a happy ending.